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    Help me! Cannot purchase games or open a ticket! [Steam - paying $5 for a fix]

    Okay so basically heres whats gone down: It all started back around a year ago or something, I was given an account by a friend who I didnt know very well but had met online. He said he gave me it as a present so I took the account thinking it was all fine but I never really used it all I did was change all the settings on the profile to mine, name, email etc. Anyway skip ahead to about a week ago, I decided to log onto that account and I did and it turned out he had charge backed $50 on it, so I got worried logged out and left it. So then I saw Payday 2 was on sale and I decided to take advantage of that and buy it and I kept trying to use my paypal but it kept prompting me to add a debit card to my paypal but my dad just pays my allowance into my balance so I kept trying to do it and I finally got through then when I got through I tried to purchase and it wouldnt let me. It spat out a weird error which just said contact support so I thought it was weird so I closed steam and restarted it. Still didnt work, same error. So I got kinda nervous tried to contact support and it wouldnt let me log in to make a ticket so I made another account and it still wouldnt let me log in with that account! So now im really nervous but I dont know what to do as steam offer no livechat and im really scared. Its not my fault that guy charged back loads but im not sure if thats the reason I cant purchase?
    Any help is greatly, greatly appreciated and if anyone can fix this for me I will pay $5 paypal.
    Heres some proof:

    - - - Updated - - -

    I have fixed the error of contacting steam support.

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    Alright, so I'm pretty sure Steam needs a verified Paypal, meaning you HAVE to link some kind of card. I recommend using Bancore as it's free.
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