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    Needing Help to Format SSD

    Hi, today I need help with formatting my SSD and installing windows 7 on it.

    So, after my HDD died on my laptop, I replaced it with a SSD by Samsung, installed windows, and got it running again. After two years, I've noticed things dramatically slowed down, that is why I want to format my SSD.

    I've googled around and some people suggest to quick format the SSD, while others say to do a full format.

    I'm inexperienced in this field, and hopefully someone can provide me with a nice tutorial on formatting the SSD, then installing windows.

    Leave a reply if you need me to provide anything else.
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    The best way to Re-format your drive is by first, Backing up all your files like your music, pictures and important documents as well as your internet bookmarks to a back up hard drive.

    After you backed up all your files, get a windows 7 DVD preferably if it's easier and boot into the installation and just click the FRESH install.

    After you've installed windows you just have to go the manufacturer's website for your laptop and re-download the drivers. Just download the latest ones.
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