Hey I'm looking for anyone who can help me with an issue I have been having with my Alienware 18 notebook.
I am having issues with the GPU fans not running at all, even when they get extremely hot under stress.
I have put in new fans and they still won't work, I have done a tear down of the laptop to see if there was anything loose or any dust inside of the GPU fans themselves but I am still having no luck.
I can get the CPU fan to run at max using HWinfo64 to try and cool down the laptop as much as possible, but it's impossible for me to play any type of game otherwise the GPU overheats and the laptop will reboot.
I have tried all the different Alienware BIOS's, the weird thing is, when the BIOS is installing, all 3 fans will run at full speed, but after finished installing they no longer run.
I have done a clean install of all nVidia drivers.
I have also tried manually setting the speed in speedfan/EVGA/HWinfo/nVidia CP and a few other remote programmes but to no avail.
Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.