So i'm posting screens so let you know my specs. Yeah, it's a shitty PC, but still maybe some1 has an experience with those things and could help me to overclock. Could you please say, aproximetly how much Ghz / Mhz could this piece of shit make?
i have now as you can see 2.05ghz, runs smoothly (even i set it to 2.1ghz shows this in CPU-Z). In stock it has 2.0 ghz, it's AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0ghz processor. MOBO - Biostar NF4ST-A9 (nforce4 chipset), ATI Radeon 4350 256mb, PSU - i think it was 350w, 1024mb DDR1 ram. Other stuff can bee seen in pictures.
Thanks for support.