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    July Release Lineup Coming At You

    "July Release Lineup Coming At You

    July is going to be a HUGE Month of Awesomeness!
    We’ve had a LOT of movement this past month in AQW - from our BaconCat vs Laser Shark release to the Throne of Darkness: Death Arena... the Galactic Defender June bonus gear and the Warcraft Rares Shop... June has been insane! Good news: July is going to be even CRAZIER!

    July Release Lineup
    • July 1 Throne of Darkness: Infinity Shield
    • July 1 Falcon Commander upgrade bonus gear
    • July 6 The HeroMart in-game Store arrives*
    • July 8 Throne of Darkness: 4th Dimensional Pyramid
    • July 8 Summer Rares (with surfboards!) + Black Hole Priest limited time shop
    • July 15 Throne of Darkness: Pyramid Maze Puzzle
    • July 15 The Eternal rep class variant + Custom Surfboard Raffle
    • July 22 Throne of Darkness: Scarlet Artifact Hunt
    • July 22 HUGE Suggestion Shop/quest update + Event Rares shop
    • July 29 Throne of Darkness: Tower of Mirrors
    • July 29 Mysterious (Stranger?!!) Quibble Shop

    * More news on this next week!

    New July Upgrade Bonus Gear: Falcon Commander
    This is the first look at SOME of the gear in the Falcon Commander set arriving this Friday! More details in tomorrow's Design Notes!

    Leaving This Friday
    • ALL the June Rare Gear Shop items - including the Roses and Gold and Warcraft gear
    • The June Upgrade Bonus package: Galactic Defender and Commander sets"

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    The Infinity Shield gear looks quite good, and quibble is coming back looks good, and a new rep class to bot lol

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