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    AQW News Force | Information | Members | Editions | Rules | FAQ

    AQW News Force

    Recruiting AQW News Team Freelancers


    • What is AQW News Force?
      - AQW News Force is like MPGH NEWS , we collect ingame news everyday and post it HERE , for example check out beta edition
    • Why should i ream Aqw news threads when i can check DN.
      - First of all we do not C+P information from DN , we give you more information then DN does. We also gather information from twitter/facebook. Its more fun to read our news then DN's.
    • Can i be member of AQW news force?
      - At the momment we're full. Sorry.
    • What are the benefits for AQW news force?
      - At the moment theres no benefit except aqw section people respect. But soon there might be awesome benefits.
    • I was super busy and couldn't do any news for this week , what will happen?
      - If you won't be able to do news , please contact me so I'll know. Someone else will do it for you. But if you'll be inactive for long time then we might recruit new editor instead of you.
    • What if I C+Ped from DN?
      - We won't publish it !

    Information about this thread

    This thread will be updated everytime new edition will come , you can find all our editions here, read rules , check our editors and more usefull information.

    Next edition : 10/18/2013

    AQW News Editions

    - @Nightmare. [x]
    - @Symmetrical [x]
    - @Timii [x]
    - @Oliboli8769 [x]

    Head Editor:
    - [MPGH]Gloo

    - [MPGH]Raple Syrup


    - [MPGH]Gloo
    - [MPGH]Raple Syrup

    - [MPGH]Gloo

    Twitter News:
    - shaheet

    Bots Made This Week:
    - shaheet

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