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    Post Best Fail at Attempting to Scam. [Too lazy to post pics]

    Nice try. I give that a 4/10.

    [2013-10-23 11:07:18 PM] N4no: AQW
    [2013-10-23 11:07:25 PM] Timii: What about it?
    [2013-10-23 11:07:30 PM] N4no: sfs?
    [2013-10-23 11:07:37 PM] Timii: SFS?
    [2013-10-23 11:07:42 PM] N4no: still for sae
    [2013-10-23 11:07:43 PM] N4no: sale
    [2013-10-23 11:07:45 PM] Timii: Yeah.
    [2013-10-23 11:07:53 PM] N4no: Okay would you link char page
    [2013-10-23 11:07:59 PM] N4no: page(s)
    [2013-10-23 11:08:04 PM] Timii: What is your MPGH username
    [2013-10-23 11:08:09 PM] N4no: N4no
    [2013-10-23 11:08:25 PM] Timii: [censored - username]
    [2013-10-23 11:08:28 PM] Timii: [censored - username]
    [2013-10-23 11:08:32 PM] Timii: [censored - username]
    [2013-10-23 11:09:16 PM] N4no: any still members?
    [2013-10-23 11:09:22 PM] Timii: Nope, just expired.
    [2013-10-23 11:09:32 PM] N4no: ah
    [2013-10-23 11:09:33 PM] N4no: okay
    [2013-10-23 11:09:38 PM] N4no: [censored - username] then I'm interested in
    [2013-10-23 11:09:40 PM] Timii: Mhm.
    [2013-10-23 11:09:47 PM] Timii: How much would you offer for it?
    [2013-10-23 11:09:57 PM] N4no: just paypal correct?
    [2013-10-23 11:10:02 PM] Timii: Yes.
    [2013-10-23 11:10:08 PM] N4no: Okay, 75?
    [2013-10-23 11:10:19 PM] Timii: 75$ USD?
    [2013-10-23 11:10:35 PM] N4no: ah sorry. I think it's about 50 usd
    [2013-10-23 11:10:49 PM] Timii: What currency are you saying for 75?
    [2013-10-23 11:10:57 PM] Timii: Ill convert it.
    [2013-10-23 11:11:49 PM] N4no: euro 45 euro
    [2013-10-23 11:11:59 PM] Timii: Im so confused.
    [2013-10-23 11:12:03 PM] Timii: Are you sending in Euro?
    [2013-10-23 11:12:08 PM] N4no: i can convert
    [2013-10-23 11:12:10 PM] Timii: which currency are you sending
    [2013-10-23 11:12:13 PM] Timii: Can you send USD
    [2013-10-23 11:12:24 PM] Timii: so you want to pay $45 EURO for the account, correct?
    [2013-10-23 11:12:30 PM] N4no: Si
    [2013-10-23 11:12:31 PM] N4no: yeah
    [2013-10-23 11:12:37 PM] N4no: i can send use yes
    [2013-10-23 11:12:39 PM] Timii: Let me convert for you
    [2013-10-23 11:12:42 PM] N4no: USD*
    [2013-10-23 11:12:47 PM] N4no: 62.03
    [2013-10-23 11:13:05 PM] N4no: Will round to 65 If you'd like
    [2013-10-23 11:13:09 PM] Timii: XE: (EUR/USD) Euro to US Dollar Rate
    [2013-10-23 11:13:14 PM] Timii: Yep,
    [2013-10-23 11:13:18 PM] Timii: Alright.
    [2013-10-23 11:13:22 PM] N4no: Cool
    [2013-10-23 11:13:28 PM] Timii: You want to trade now?
    [2013-10-23 11:13:32 PM] N4no: If possible
    [2013-10-23 11:13:35 PM] Timii: Alright
    [2013-10-23 11:13:42 PM] Timii: I would request that you go first.
    [2013-10-23 11:13:55 PM] Timii: Since I am well known in the section.
    [2013-10-23 11:14:07 PM] Timii: And I've traded many times, as you can see in my vouches.
    [2013-10-23 11:14:20 PM] Timii: Is that fine with you?
    [2013-10-23 11:14:30 PM] N4no: 8 vouches isn't a lot mate.
    [2013-10-23 11:14:41 PM] N4no: Also I think to be fair. Since I can't recover money
    [2013-10-23 11:14:52 PM] N4no: and you can easily recover account with transaction ID's etc.
    [2013-10-23 11:15:06 PM] Timii: Well, then I don't know how we can do this.
    [2013-10-23 11:15:40 PM] N4no: You can go first, then I can send money as gift etc. however you;d like
    [2013-10-23 11:15:56 PM] Timii: Sorry, you have only a mere number of 11 posts.
    [2013-10-23 11:15:59 PM] N4no: I'm not going to go through the hassle of calling paypal again to get my money back
    [2013-10-23 11:16:04 PM] N4no: Post count doesn't matter
    [2013-10-23 11:16:14 PM] Timii: And you are a newer registered user.
    [2013-10-23 11:16:24 PM] Timii: Nobody knows you, so it is much more risky.
    [2013-10-23 11:16:39 PM] N4no: Real cash> game
    [2013-10-23 11:16:46 PM] N4no: realistically.
    [2013-10-23 11:16:57 PM] Timii: Well, if you really want to trade, I suggest using an OMM.
    [2013-10-23 11:17:26 PM] N4no: or you could go first. You have much less to lose than I
    [2013-10-23 11:17:36 PM] N4no: not saying you have nothing to lose.
    [2013-10-23 11:17:39 PM] Timii: Sorry. I won't go first.
    [2013-10-23 11:17:39 PM] N4no: Just the risk for me is higher
    [2013-10-23 11:17:48 PM] Timii: Dude, does it look like I'm a scammer?
    [2013-10-23 11:17:54 PM] Timii: I'm botting for 7 people right now.
    [2013-10-23 11:17:55 PM] N4no: 8 Vouches
    [2013-10-23 11:17:58 PM] Timii: I can easily take their accounts.
    [2013-10-23 11:17:58 PM] N4no: isn't
    [2013-10-23 11:18:04 PM] N4no: trustworthy
    [2013-10-23 11:18:06 PM] Timii: And just do whatever.
    [2013-10-23 11:18:14 PM] Timii: Well, you are just less trustworthy.
    [2013-10-23 11:18:15 PM] N4no: So I can say I'm legit get 8 vouches
    [2013-10-23 11:18:17 PM] Timii: Is my fact.
    [2013-10-23 11:18:23 PM] N4no: then just randomly one day take someones accounts
    [2013-10-23 11:18:42 PM] Timii: Well, isn't it more suspicous on you?
    [2013-10-23 11:18:47 PM] Timii: Is my point.
    [2013-10-23 11:18:48 PM] Timii: So.
    [2013-10-23 11:18:56 PM] N4no: Sure, but are you to judge?
    [2013-10-23 11:18:56 PM] Timii: I would suggest using an OMM.
    [2013-10-23 11:19:03 PM] N4no: Were you not in my shoes at one point in time?
    [2013-10-23 11:19:06 PM] Timii: Nope, but Im just stating a fact.
    [2013-10-23 11:19:38 PM] N4no: You weren't in my shoes at one point in time
    [2013-10-23 11:19:44 PM] N4no: ...
    [2013-10-23 11:19:48 PM] Timii: Enough of this.
    [2013-10-23 11:19:52 PM] Timii: Do you want to trade or not?
    [2013-10-23 11:20:36 PM] N4no: Not if you're going to be uncooperative. I'll look into OMM's of this site more, as I don't know any of them. If I decide to use them ill contact you. if you wish to end communication feel free to do so.
    [2013-10-23 11:22:05 PM] Timii: I'm not trying to be uncooperative. You are the one that brought up the fact that I was not more trusted than you. Which is a false statement. You also mentioned that anyone can just randomly take a person's account at a random time, doesn't that mean the world cannot be trusted? Even the most trusted members can have these in common.
    [2013-10-23 11:22:52 PM] N4no: I never said I was more trusted. I simply stated the fact that 8 vouches isn't considered trusted. I've got 1500 Vouches on *****.org , that is trusted.
    [2013-10-23 11:22:58 PM] N4no: Not trying to bring up rep from another site
    [2013-10-23 11:23:02 PM] N4no: just a mere comparison
    [2013-10-23 11:23:09 PM] Timii: What is your username on *****?
    [2013-10-23 11:23:19 PM] N4no: n4no
    [2013-10-23 11:24:22 PM] Timii: It doesnt exist...
    [2013-10-23 11:25:22 PM] N4no: https://www.[censored due to advertising].orgmbers/107295-n4n0.html
    [2013-10-23 11:26:02 PM] Timii: Okay. But find a OMM.
    [2013-10-23 11:26:08 PM] Timii: And we can discuss further.
    [2013-10-23 11:26:19 PM] N4no: Oh so that rep isn't good enough to be trusted?
    [2013-10-23 11:26:55 PM] Timii: Not that I don't trust you, you seem to be like the "Webmaster" of the website.
    [2013-10-23 11:27:02 PM] N4no: One of
    [2013-10-23 11:27:22 PM] N4no: been around since the beginning
    [2013-10-23 11:27:45 PM] Timii: To proof that you are actually the person there, I would create an account, and you PM me with that user?
    [2013-10-23 11:28:00 PM] N4no: We have the same PM system of MPGH
    [2013-10-23 11:28:02 PM] N4no: 20 posts.
    [2013-10-23 11:28:14 PM] N4no: uh…I can email you?
    [2013-10-23 11:28:22 PM] N4no: listed in my profile
    [2013-10-23 11:28:26 PM] N4no:
    [2013-10-23 11:28:47 PM] Timii: Why do you have a different skype?
    [2013-10-23 11:28:59 PM] N4no: Separating ***** from Mpgh
    [2013-10-23 11:29:05 PM] N4no: Ive got 1000+ ***** contacts
    [2013-10-23 11:29:12 PM] N4no: so I clean it up a bit.
    [2013-10-23 11:29:12 PM] Timii: Add me there.
    [2013-10-23 11:29:26 PM] N4no: It's filled with my ***** contacts I just finished saying.
    [2013-10-23 11:29:27 PM] N4no: ..
    [2013-10-23 11:29:39 PM] Timii: One more hurts?
    [2013-10-23 11:29:41 PM] Timii: Fine, email me.
    [2013-10-23 11:29:45 PM] Timii: [censored - my email]
    [2013-10-23 11:29:49 PM] N4no: No like i'm literally at max Skype contacts.
    [2013-10-23 11:32:34 PM] Timii: Are you emailing?
    [2013-10-23 11:32:44 PM] N4no: yeah just sent
    [2013-10-23 11:34:54 PM] N4no: recieved?
    [2013-10-23 11:35:12 PM] Timii: Got it.
    [2013-10-23 11:35:13 PM] Timii: Hmm.
    [2013-10-23 11:35:17 PM] Timii: Alright, fine.
    [2013-10-23 11:35:26 PM] Timii: How do we do this?
    [2013-10-23 11:35:41 PM] Timii: How about, I give you the account infos, but dont confirm email
    [2013-10-23 11:35:44 PM] Timii: Then you send me half
    [2013-10-23 11:35:46 PM] N4no: I'm about to go to the store and pick up some food really quick, should be no more than 15 minutes
    [2013-10-23 11:35:57 PM] N4no: will you be available?
    [2013-10-23 11:36:05 PM] Timii: the money, then I give you the email confirmation.
    [2013-10-23 11:36:11 PM] Timii: I dont know, might be going to bed any time.
    [2013-10-23 11:36:24 PM] N4no: well see if you can stay up for another 30 minutes or so
    [2013-10-23 11:36:42 PM] N4no: If not I will put a 15$ extra hold fee on the account until tomorrow
    [2013-10-23 11:36:53 PM] Timii: mm.
    [2013-10-23 11:37:20 PM] N4no: cool
    [2013-10-23 11:37:22 PM] N4no: ?
    [2013-10-23 11:37:42 PM] Timii: Mmm.. You sound like a scammer.
    [2013-10-23 11:37:50 PM] N4no: cause I'm going to the store?
    [2013-10-23 11:37:55 PM] Timii: Nope.
    [2013-10-23 11:38:03 PM] Timii: Because you are not the person on *****.
    [2013-10-23 11:38:11 PM] N4no: feel free to reply to the email i sent
    [2013-10-23 11:38:18 PM] N4no: if it wasn't me then i couldn't reply now could i
    [2013-10-23 11:38:24 PM] Timii: I do not need to.
    [2013-10-23 11:38:49 PM] Timii: You are not even sending from the email the n4n0 had.
    [2013-10-23 11:39:00 PM] Timii: You were sending from
    [2013-10-23 11:39:08 PM] Timii: and his email was
    [2013-10-23 11:39:13 PM] Timii: There is a major difference.
    [2013-10-23 11:39:44 PM] N4no: shit sorry that's the email i registered so i wouldn't have impostors
    [2013-10-23 11:39:50 PM] N4no: when i get back i will correct that.
    [2013-10-23 11:57:07 PM] Timii: Send me, with your real email.
    [2013-10-23 11:59:19 PM] N4no: okay
    [2013-10-23 11:59:27 PM] N4no: done
    [12:00:51 AM] N4no: good now?
    [12:01:00 AM] Timii: You are not N4n0.
    [12:01:14 AM] N4no: Lol, okay then bud, if you're going to waste my time with this again.
    [12:01:55 AM] Timii: Nice try scamming, though.
    [12:02:07 AM] N4no: Then reply to the email ill tell you what it says
    [12:02:15 AM] Timii: I don't need you to.
    [12:02:42 AM] Timii: If you can PM me from n4n0's account, and say, I am cryptic.coder.1010 right now, you will be excused.
    [12:03:02 AM] N4no: Okay then, I don't see the dilemma. But feel free to do what you'd like. I'm on my iPad atm, so if you want to hold off until tomorrow when I'm back online then cool
    [12:04:10 AM] Timii: Okay, you can stop the hassle with attempts to scam my account now; I am in touch with the ACTUAL n4n0 right now, as I speak, and he is not cryptic.coder.1010, nor is he buying an aqw account from a person named Timii on skype.
    [12:05:18 AM] N4no: Drats
    [12:05:30 AM] Timii: Nice try my friend.
    [12:05:34 AM] N4no: almost had you :P
    [12:05:39 AM] Timii: I'm not that stupid, you know.
    [12:05:53 AM] N4no: Wasn't going to scam you though, just used another users rep to get you to go first
    [12:05:57 AM] Timii: I knew you were a scammer, from like the first ten minutes.
    [12:06:06 AM] Timii: I was just playing around.
    [12:06:15 AM] Timii: See what kind of lame excuse you would play on me.
    [12:06:17 AM] N4no: ahaha well thats good for you then?
    [12:06:46 AM] N4no: You wasted your own time deliberitley.
    [12:06:53 AM] Timii: I had nothing to do, anyway.
    [12:06:56 AM] N4no: Ah
    [12:06:58 AM] Timii: Was boting other peoples account.
    [12:07:18 AM] N4no: Well, 100% honest, I wasn't going to scam. I was just using his rep.
    [12:07:32 AM] Timii: Lol, you should try that with someone else, not me.
    [12:07:35 AM] N4no: Believe it or not, at this point it doesn't matter
    [12:08:26 AM] Timii: Mmkay.
    Last edited by Timii; 10-23-2013 at 10:13 PM.

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    scammer around the world gets better every day

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    Quote Originally Posted by guardianangel1155 View Post
    scammer around the world gets better every day
    better...???? ... he's stupid i think
    You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else
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    Good job bro................. stupid noob impersonator

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    if I saw that guy in the street ill beat him up

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    Read halfway and I gave up, seems interesting though. GLWS!

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    Take screenshots of skype conversation , post them in scammers grave, he'll be blacklisted.

    /closed .
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