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    Lightbulb Captain rhubarb questions all answers

    alright here are the answers for all the questions Captain Rhubarb asks you at /TLAPD

    Q: What did pirates call a ship they took over? A: Prize

    Q: What would pirates call empty bottles? A: Dead men

    Q: How did they spell Pirate in the olden days? A: It always changed; most people were illiterate

    Q: How did pirates hold onto their pistols better? A: Wrapping them with ribbons

    Q: What does it mean to "walk the plank" A: To walk off the side of the ship

    Q: Who was a "powder monkey"? A: Boy who put gunpowder in cannons

    Q: What do you call a pirate who has permission to loot hostile ships? A: Privateer

    Q: What is a barker? A: A pistol

    Q: The modern US dollar sign ($) comes from symbols on which piece of pirate currency? A: Pieces of Eight

    Q: Where did the name "buccaneer" come from? A: Because early pirates cooked on "buccans"

    Q: What happens if you whistle on board a ship? A: A thunderstorm will begin

    Q: What is a pirate's favorite bird? A: Parrot

    Q: What was one of the most common shipboard diseases? A: Scurvy

    Q: Why did pirates wear eyepatches? A: To help see in the dark

    Q: What do pirates think about women on board ships? A: They were bad luck

    Q: What is the Jolly Roger? A: A pirate flag

    Q: Why do pirates pierce their ears with gold and silver? A: To help them see better

    Q: To be a pirate is to... A: Commit crimes at sea.

    Q:"Hoist the colors" means A: To raise the flag

    Q: What is another name for the hangman? A: Jack Ketch

    And that is all of them! enjoy!

    (sorry if i posted this on the wrong place but i didnt know where else to post it)

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