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    Lightbulb le bot solutions

    ok as the title says if you have a problem at Le bot just tell me and i will answer if i can XD have fun botters
    here are some solution for certain problems
    1)le bot cannot load flash player? this problem is very easy to fix
    -fix n1: -go to google - search - download adobe flash activex - download the file - install it - and you are done
    -fix n2: - if you have dark mystic installed - open dark mystic - it will say to open you need adobe flash acivex do you want to download it? - click yes - it will guide you to your browser and automatically download flash layer activex as a rar version -open it - install it - and you are finish

    2)when you want to join a room let s say ravenloss le bot stop when the screen is at 100% ok this is easy too
    first : when you open le bot do you notice that the sign is in the top left of the lebot screen? well that s because of the flash player and because of that you can t join rooms here is what to do
    open internet explore (IE) download flash player you have to download it from IE because IE update your computer flash not your browser and this will fix the problem

    3)exalted legion champion: do ou notice that your char go to another room well just get rank 10 sandsea and buy master ranger class(rank 1 is all what you need) the class is ranger and if you bot it will not move from it s place btw if you want to kill angry undead giant fast you don t need to go to battleundera and wait jut join doomhaven go to the boss and you will find him 100%

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