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    Exclamation Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW) Giveaway Rules

    Hello everyone,

    For those who still don't know, plenty of main game accounts of MPGH users have been banned recently, (e.g. 1, 2), due to this thread, which had a fatal flaw. Since the usernames of the accounts were publicly published in it, (regardless of whether they were posted in the form of an attachment or not), an Artix Entertainment staff member was able to track and ban all of them. More importantly, they were capable of checking the IP's linked to them, and ban all the other game accounts which shared the same IP's. Fortunately, the thread in question has already been dealt with and no longer poses a risk to anyone else whatsoever.

    However, we still are not entirely safe. Artix Entertainment has yet to stop ghosting MPGH, (proof of this very claim of mine can be found here). Now, you must be wondering, "what can we do to put an end to this once for all?" In order to prevent the issue in question from occurring ever again, the following Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW) Giveaways rules will now be enforced:

    • Giveaways must be held like a competition, (e.g. pulling a random name out of the whole list of entrants).
    • The details of the account being given away must be hidden, (its username, email, birth date, etc.) Also, make sure your MPGH birth date is different than the one that you used for the account you are giving away.
    • Do not even post a screenshot of the account's character page, too many risks. Just list down the most valuable items present in its inventory if necessary.
    • Once the giveaway is over, its winner must make a post stating they have received the said account.
    • All the other MPGH Rules still apply.

    I believe this is everything. In summary, use common sense.

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