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    Information on: Your thread activities

    If you decide to post something in this section, the AQW Help section, and no one posts in the thread for multiple days, you may type /bump and give it a boost back to where it's more visible.

    On another note, if you do not respond to your thread after help is given claiming it is fixed or not responding at all, It will be closed within a week from the last post made on that thread by any member.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this and hope you can make yourself useful and / or ask without hesitation about anything in AQWorlds.

    PS: Before you make any threads here asking for help, read the other stickied threads in this section to see if your problem can be solved without having to make a thread. This will help to save your time so take a few minutes out now and save a few hours later.

    Credits: @Woods
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