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    Can someone help me catch up to today's Adventure quest worlds?.

    Thread name says all. Last time i actually played the game was around 2-3 years ago and i am only level 11. Back then it was heck easy to play and now that i got back into the game... I am really confused as the game has changed since the last time i have accessed it. These new bots i see about tokens i really don't know what they do... Nor any bot that gets posted to be honest... Someone mind helping me out? I am so confused...

    I Also wanna know how to get a good weapon and some decent armor for my class which is rouge. Also new skills... Sorry for asking for so much help. If someone has the time to explain that would be great.
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    Same thing happend to me i playend late 2009 and stopped mid 2010, all these legion tokens and think(I also NEEDED to check the wiki to how to get and how to use these items/classes)
    And lol i payed for a years member ship when i left
    i got back 2012 and used this member ship WISELY and used them for items and enchants that i wanted.

    The game's idea is still the same so dont worry(Sorry if i waffled on too mch but you get the idea you get credit for hard work)
    But now i've finished the 13 lords of chaos storyline (I think the confront drakath quest means finished
    Fuck off you scum

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    I would suggest using the Book of Lore found on your user interface when playing if you want to explore the current storylines. There are really no "good" weapons. It's either a random numeral for damage or a more precise damage. Then the damage is also affected by the types of Enchantments found on your items. Also, armor plays no part in the strength of your character. It is only for decoration.

    Rogue is a decent class if you know how to use it. But the best class that could be used for all-around purposes ingame is the Necromancer class. You could easily earn this class by using bots to farm for the Reputation need to purchase items required to make the class. The other option is to spend, I think, 2,000 AC to get a version that you can store in your bank for free.

    Tokens that you are referring to are probably Legion Tokens. Legion Tokens are the item currency for the Legion. The Legion is another area of gameplay, mostly relying on farming for these tokens. The figurehead for the Legion is Dage the Evil. While playing, you may notice other players in a set that is mainly based on different shades of blue. Indirectly, it costs 1,200 AC to join the Legion. Dage could be found at /join underworld.

    If botting is new for you, I would suggest checking out Le Bot 8.3. It is one of the most popular trainers out there to use. On there you can find many preset bots that can asset you in the game. The download can be found on the home page of our section.

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    ..ur like me also last i played when the max lvl is lvl20 it was 2010 i play it back 2013..unlike u being confused, my reaction was amazed of the big changes and i liked it the 1st step (i literally did this things) that i did was finding ac and membership hack for 2 days but i didnt find any..

    ..then 2nd step is finding trainer Gladly i found THEGOD (for me) JamesRo's LeBot's so i downloaded one (u can download his latest 8.3) and i recommend u to his trainer, why?because just like me newbie his trainer is a friendly user it has all-in-one no more load ups so u wont be confused

    ..3rd step is Botting ALL THE TIME 18-20/7 (its my botting time),so the 1st thing i did was REPUTATION CLASS BOOTING..i booted some OP class
    1.Necromancer class = Doomwood Rep
    2.Trollspellsmith class = Troll Rep (if u like u can get two class choose Horc + Troll Rep = Trollspellsmith and Horc evader class but i choose only Troll Rep)
    3.Shaman + Evolved Shaman class = Arcangrove Rep
    4.Darkbloodstormking class = Thunderforge Rep
    5.Elemental Dracomancer class = Etherstorm War Rep ( choose this its the easy way)
    6.Thief of Hours class = Chronospan Rep
    7.BattleMage class = Swordhaven Rep (i booted this coz i like the set but i didnt use the class only the set this will serve u as an option)
    (im using mage to boot all class)
    (this is optional = remember before booting the classess u must finish quest in that area u can save some reputation points as well as finished the quest because it serves as requirement in the 13Lord of Chaos)
    (it took me 3weeks + to get all)

    ..then the 4th step ur favorite part Booting Items which is classified as 2 Options
    1st Option Nulgath items just boot Mana Golem coz ur bootting only Juggernaut Items Of Nulgath Quest,u can rely on Aqworlds Wiki to know the requirements of this quest and which items u like..(i just get only the ungodlyreavers weapon and warlord armor of nulgath but remember this quest takes long to achieve a week or more coz im a non member)
    2nd Option Legion Items (i recommend u to buy membership 3mnths,12mnths or 1yr,why??because u can save 5k ac for 5$ when u buy and u need to upgrade ur inventory space)(if ur on budget just buy 2k ac coz u just need to buy the Undead Warrior to finish the initiation quest just rely on AQW wiki f u dont know)
    3rd Option (optional buy Alpha Omega class 1k ac good 4 PVP)

    ..5th step your on your own mybe quest the Blinding Blade of Destiny,the Dragonblade of Nulgath(req membership even non member),Skyguard quest and items(membership req),finish all quest,finish all rep and many more..You can discover more things along the way..
    ..It takes time coz not patience coz ur only booting u can alt tab and do anything,Le bot will do things 4 u..
    ..mybe thats all u do 4 a newbie just like me..
    ..for the quest just rely on AQW GUIDES then 13Lord of Chaos guide and items etc u dont know AQW WIKI..
    ..and dont 4get to Press Thanks ^_^
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    No reply from OP for 3 days + so /closed & solved

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