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    Uses of username & password lists?

    I've seen those around a lot and I'm not sure of their purpose. Would one be able to claim the accounts for themselves using a password-username combination tester?

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    @ @Yourself_
    You can use an username and a password list to crack an account, however its not easy,so it will take some times and you even might not be able to crack any, it all depends on your luck.
    Simply download both of them (or just an username list) and make your own password list, start cracking.
    Download cracker here - made by @MINAD
    If you need proxys for Minads cracker, download them here -
    If you want to grab new usernames , download this cracker made by @Oliboli8769 (shout out, as you love them) -

    However , owner can still get account back if he isn't dumb or if he is a member/has email linked.
    Members can get their account back by emeil/trans id , you get trans id once you buy membership.
    Normal players can get their account back by email.
    But there are lots , I mean lots of players who didn't link their email yet, even members and members who don't have trans id (as sometimes they might not receive it, its some kinds of bug) So you'll get full ownership of that account. But do not try to sell it here on MPGH, as selling cracker/stole accounts isn't allowed.

    I hope I answered all of your questions, if I didn't and you still have some questions, feel free to PM/VM me. Oh and one more thing, you can't PM yet as you don't have 10 posts, once you get 10 posts & member level 1 rank, you'll be able to PM and post links .


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