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    How to get classes.

    If i post this in the wrong place or do something wrong, sorry, i joined 20 mins ago and im new. SO ive been using le bot for a day and im sorta knowing my way around it. not fully, but i know some. Now i would like a tutorial or somebody to help teach me how to use bots, and get a different class. Ive downloaded a bunch of different bots, but never seemed to work (they probably did, but i dont know how they work) i downloaded the shinobi token thing for the archanelemental (idk how to spell it) class. and when it was time to get my tokens i never got them, and the quest end ups never getting completed, this always happens to all the bots i use. I tried getting the blade of awe. (wasted 3 hours) so please help me. srry in advance if i did something wrong. if u help me, id greatly appreciate it

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    You posted in the correct section so it's all good

    Hmm... it sounds like you're using .dmbot files in the bot manager, am I right? I personally dislike them for the same reason that you're experiencing.
    Try using some of the built-in bots in the dropdown box on the bottom of the screen. Start up Doomwood rep or another reputation bot, wait until you get rank 10 and then you'll get new classes
    Doomwood rep is a good place to start.

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