After trying out about 10 times, I simply can't get any shops to open in /join vordredboss no matter the option I choose. The only one I've managed to open is the Betrayal shop, the rest remain unavailable no matter which I ones I try. Also, after I defeat the final form of Vordred in succession of his regular forms, I am instantly teleported to the place where I start with the shops locked/unlocked. There is suppose to be a cutscene with the person that I requested them to fetch... Could this be the reason?

Also, in Lightguard Keep, the only access point that I can't "teleport" to is Shadowfall, but I have finished the areas before and after (including Shadowfallwar), yet I can't go there via the teleporter next to Vayle.

Any ideas? Am sick of trying and see if it will work the next time.