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    BLoD (Scythe, Sword, Bow, Etc) Guide

    Hello everybody, welcome to my second post.
    I made this post because recently I've been trying to do the BLoD questline (the Blinding Light of Destiny)
    and it was a royal pain to find out where I had to go.
    So basically this'll tell you what quests to start off with, what to do for said quests, but it will only get you so far. It'll get you to the point of the Blinding Scythe/Sword/Bow of Destiny, and from there you can use TeamRocketExec's guide to do the rest of the BLoD questline.
    So let's start.

    ---Step One: Artix---
    Step one is for Artix at Necropolis. You'll need to do several of his quests to start off with the BLoD questline.
    The first quest you will have to do is Reforging the Blinding Light, which is a fairly simple quest. All you have do is go to /join doomwood and talk to "Arryd", open the challenge shop and buy two things; the "Blinding Light of Destiny Handle" and the "Bonegrinder Medal". However if you don't have the badge "Reinforced" or if you can't open the shop then you have to go to this screen and kill monsters there until the counter at the top right-ish gets to 100 to get the badge.

    If you followed what I said last time then you already have the Bonegrinder Medal. If you didn't, then go to the Challenge Shop at /join doomwood to buy it. Follow what I said in the last quest if you can't open the shop. That's all you need to complete this quest.

    This is another quest that is fairly simple. All you need to do is get 25 Undead Essences which you can get either from bots many people have made (I've made one if you wanna use it) or you can farm them yourself. To farm them, just go to /join battleunderb and kill the monsters there. They drop Undead Essences, you only need 25. Also, get the "Bone Dust" the monsters there drop while you're at it, they'll come in use at the next quest. When you've completed the quest, remember to accept the Spirit Orbs the quest completion gives you.

    This quest is a lot like the Essential Essences quest in which you need to kill the same monsters but for a different item. You need 40 "Bone Dust" to complete this quest, and you should already have a few from the last quest. If you don't just go to /join battleunderb and kill the monsters there to get the item Bone Dust. Remember to get the Spirit Orbs dropped when you complete the quest.

    This quest is when the Spirit Orbs from the last two quests come in. However, even if you did complete both the quests and accept the Spirit Orbs, the most you'll have is 40. You still need 60 more, so do the quests over and over until you have 100 Spirit Orbs (or just use a bot, there's one by default on Le Bot). After that you'll need the Celestial Compass which to get you'll go to /join timevoid and kill the Ephemerite's until you get it.

    This quest is fairly complex. First off I'll mention that this quest is a daily, and you'll need some of the items it gives for a few other questlines other than the BLoD questline. However, if you want to do those look into the other tutorials made by other people (they're probably a lot better than mine). Anyways, how you complete this quest is by going to /join stalagbite and killing Balboa's until you get 30 Raw Ore and an Axe of the Prospector (which is a weapon drop from them). Depending on what you get the weapon that you get will change. Here are all the possibilities; Aluminum gets the Daggers of Destiny, Barium gets the Blade of Destiny, Gold gets the Broadsword of Destiny, Iron gets the Scythe of Destiny, Copper gets the Mace of Destiny, Silver gets the Bow of Destiny, and I don't think Platinum gets anything. So whatever you get from this quest, make sure to keep it.

    Since there's 6 different variations of this and they're all the same I'll only be doing one, the Immortal Iron Enhancement. What you need is the ore from the last quest (in this case Iron), 25 Undead Essences that you get from the monsters in /join battleunderb, 5 Spirit Orbs you get from the quests "Bust some Dust" and "Essential Essences", and 25 Paladaffodil's you get from several things. I just use the Crashroom's in /join orecavern to get the Paladaffodil's.

    First I'll start off by saying I don't know if you actually HAVE to do this quest. You should anyways, as it rewards you with something you need to complete the quest, but it also may give you 100 Spirit Orbs and the Forge Key is easy to get. Let's get on with it. This quest is a VERY time consuming one in my opinion. To complete this quest you'll need two items; Immortal Iron of Destiny and the Forge Key. To get the Immortal Iron of Destiny you need 5 Loyal Spirit Orbs (which you get from merging 100 Spirit Orbs in the shop ID 422, which to open you'll need a trainer and you'll need to go to /join necropolis before you load it or it'll log you out for a minute), 2 Bright Aura's which you get by merging 50 Loyal Spirit Orbs, and finally the Immortal Iron (Or whichever metal you got). In total you need about 10,200 Spirit Orbs. It's a lot, but if you use a trainer and keep using the Spirit Orb bot then it shouldn't take too long. To get the Forge Key you'll need to go to /join dwarfhold and kill the Albino Bats until they drop it.

    ---Step Two: Making the Kit's---
    Step two is where you make the Weapon Construction Kits for Step Three.

    This quest you need to do to get an item for the next quest. First you'll need Noob Blade Oil, which you get from Horc Noob's in Noobshire, Zardman's Stonehammer which you get from Zardman Grunt in /join forest, Triple Ply Mummy Wrap which you get from Mummy/Mummies in /join pyramid, Bronze Brush which you get from Bronze Draconian in /join lair, Rocky Stone Sharpener which you get from the Rock's in /join bloodtusk, Golden Lacquer Finish which you get from Golden Scarab's in /join pyramid and finally 4 Burlap Cloth from the Scarecrow's in /join farm. Keep the Basic Weapon Kit it gives you upon completion.

    You'll need for this quest the Superior Blade Oil from the Dai Tengu in /join hachiko, WolfClaw Hammer from the Chaos Lycan in /join safiria, 10 Leatherwing Hide from Leatherwings in /join guru or /join pines, Silver Brush from Vampire Knights in /join lycanwar, Brass Awl from Cyclops Warlord in /join mobius, Slate Stone Sharpener from Lich of the Stone in /join darkoviaforest, Shining Lacquer Finish from Lightning Ball in /join airstorm, Leather Case from Tomb Robber in /join sandport. Keep the Advanced Weapon Kit it gives you upon completion.

    You'll need for this quest the No. 1337 Blade Oil from Kitsune in /join kitsune, the Great Ornate Warhammer from Earth Elemental's in /join earthstorm, 3 Greenguard Dragon Hide from Greenguard Dragon in /join greendragon, Gold Brush from Chaos Sphinx in /join sandcastle, Sharp Stone Sharpener from Rock Roc in /join roc, Blinding Lacquer Finish from Grand Inquisitor in /join citadel, Non-abrasive Power Powder from Protosartorium in /join dwakel and Suede Travel Case from Harpy in /join djinn. Keep the Ultimate Weapon Kit it gives you upon completion.

    ---Step Three: Making the Weapons---

    Step two is where you merge the actual weapons in the Light Merge shop.

    First thing you'll need to merge the Scythe of Destiny is the Basic Weapon Kit which you get from the Basic Weapon Kit Construction quest, which is the quest before this one so you should've already completed it. Second thing is the Immortal Iron of Destiny that is from one of the other quests we covered, so you should also have this. You need 10 Undead Energy, which you can get from the monsters in /join battleunderb, 10 Spirit Orbs which you can get from the quests Bust some Dust and Essential Essences, and finaly 2 Loyal Spirit Orbs which you get from merging 100 Spirit Orbs.

    Frist thing you'll need to merge the Bright Scythe of Destiny is the Scythe of Destiny that we merged earlier, so you should have this. You also need the Advanced Weapon Kit from the Advanced Weapon Kit Construction quest, which is a quest I already went over, so you should have this. You also need 2 Brilliant Aura's which you get from merging 25 Bright Aura's which you get from merging 50 Loyal Spirit Orbs which you get from merging 100 Spirit Orbs. So basically you need around 250,000 Spirit Orbs to get 2 Brilliant Aura's. Then you just merge it.

    All you need to do is merge the Bright Scythe of Destiny, and the Ultimate Weapon Construction Kit from the other quests we did.

    I really hope you enjoyed getting your Blinding Weapon. There is more stuff to do WITH your weapon, and I might update this later, but right now this guide is to get the weapon, not what to do with said weapon. However once you do have it, talk to Artix again and he'll have other quests that are unlocked now, you'll just have to figure them out yourself. Enjoy you're new Blinding Weapon of Destiny, Mr. WhoeverYouAre!

    This took about 2 hours, 1653 words and 9365 characters, so I hope this helped SOMEBODY. If it did, leave a thanks ;D
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