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    Skip Mutes

    Hey MPGH,

    This is a very simple trick that most people will already know but if you don't you had better keep reading. Firstly all this does is skip short mutes. It will not work on long mutes, I'm not sure on the specifics but I'm pretty sure it's around the 24 hour time frame it stops working.


    1. Get muted (optional )
    2. Click the time in the bottom right hand corner on Windows.
    3. Click the "date and time settings" button.
    4. Change the time forward a few minutes after your mute.
    5. Chat away!

    You will be able to talk immediately, assuming your mute isn't too long. You will get a message later on that will tell you that you are no longer muted, even though you have been talking. I'm not certain on how you change the time on every OS so just work it out yourself or use Google.

    This will most likely be my last AQW release for some time, but I will still be around.

    Have fun,

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