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    Dear my sweet lover- Written by me

    Dear lover, come to me, melt with me
    Become one with, press your lips to mine
    Let me look into those deep dark eyes
    I need this, want this, come to me.
    The feel of your body pressing, touching
    Reach into my soul, my depths.
    Feel the heat in ourselves, our love.
    Relive this ecstasy over and over again
    Dear lover, love me as only you can.
    A touch, a thought, a kiss
    The sweetest magic only you can bring
    I feel electricity from head to toe.
    I love you more from this moment.
    Dear lover, come to me, melt with me
    I have waited for this, needed this.
    I will reach for you as only I can.
    To hold you, love dripping onto each other.
    This act, so sacred, so private, so immense.
    Every inch of each other touching,
    heart to heart, face to face.
    Hold me closer, even closer still.
    Feel my heart beat faster and faster,
    So fast, I think it will explode.
    Let's show each other how love can be.
    Dear Lover, come to me, be with me!
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