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    A Dime Piece Year

    Oh Happy New Year!!!
    Im glad I finally got through to here.

    When it started I had so much fear.
    All I could hear was...
    doubt ringing in my ears.
    Cuz see it was my first year
    at a college so far from near:

    Away from my hometown,
    from the place I grew up.
    Where I would sunday afternoons riding in the back my fathers truck.

    But that's all changed.
    Now it's a new game.

    Im on my own now.
    I been done left my hometown.
    I got my own life to found
    And can't let my parents down.

    My mother tried so hard to get us through those hard days.
    And 2005 will never be erased.
    but I will be damned if I end up the one having to pay
    For him spending the night at another place.
    Those memories will never be replaced.

    So it may sound lame,
    But I've gotta make good grades.

    Cuz see its my future I'm talking about.
    And to that I will leave no doubt.

    I used to not give a shit about it.
    Its now a wonder I made it to college.

    Always draggin my feet in highschool.
    Its only been a year, but can already see that I was such a fool.

    See sometimes when your living in the present tense
    stupid things will consume you that you will soon forget.
    I feel Im growing up in a sense.
    I finally understand why sometimes my mom wanted me whipped.

    I stopped those stupid video games,
    because those things will drive you insane.

    Im done with childish things,
    It's time to take life by the reigns.

    This decade is my decade.
    This year is my year.

    All that wasted time should have been a crime.
    I will take 2010 and make it mine.
    If this year was a chick she be a dime.
    Like Fabulous said its my time.

    Your right,
    It's time to be the man pops.
    My balls shoulda dropped when the ball dropped.
    That's enough playing ball on the hardtop.
    Cuz I can't let myself be stopped.

    This aint just another New Years Resolution
    Cuz I'm gonna make it come to fruition.
    There's gonna be times when I trip up and stop,
    but at least I can say I made it out of the starting block.
    I know it's gonna be a hard climb.
    But I got this rap to sing for every time I get in a grind.
    And bring my resolution back to my attention,
    and reignite my ambition!
    Cuz see its not year or time or weather you got limes,
    but your strength and your will and the state of your mind.

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