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    Red face Snake Bites, Eyeliner, and Fangs

    Snake Bites, Eyeliner, and Fangs

    Chapter 1~ Meet the Characters

    Izzy (Baja)
    Hey everyone. I'm Izzy, but my friends call me Baja. Babe, don't cross me, I'm a Mutt. I am half human, half Vamp. I have fangs, but can eat like a Human, act like a Human, and sleep like a Human. One bad move and you're goin' down sugar. I've got the strength of a teenage girl, cause I am 17, but I should have an unhumaly strength. My two best girlfriends arn't humans either.Mandora(Manny)is a Regular (Reg), a Vamp who is 3/4 Vamp and 1/4 Human and she is totally cute. Amber (Ice) is a Shifter, her shape being a brown, black, white, and greydog with a scar on her muzzle, and she is friggin' adorable. Well anyway, I love writing and drawing. My best guy friend in the entire WORLD is Nathan (Nate) who is a Pure. 100% Vamp. I love him greatly.

    Mandora (Manny)
    Heyya Humans! I'm Manny, the super cool, super cute Reg. Yes, I bite so BACK OFF! Just joshin' ya. Well I am 17 years old, have lived since before baby Jesus with my two buds, Baja and Ice. All things Un-Human are born again from the same mommas and dads. Cool huh? Well unlike Izzy my Baja-babe, I don't have to sleep AS much. I need about 3 hours every night when she needs like 6. I eat steak so raw I have to sign a paper saying I won'tsue anyone if I die. Strength wise, I am just as strong as Izzy. My boyfriend, Tyler, is a Pure, and is Nathan and Drag's brother. Ty is my everything.

    Amber (Ice)
    What's up? I'm Amber, but don't call me that I HATE it. Call me Ice. Like Ambrrr. Brrr cold? Ice? Get it? Okay well I'm what they call a Shifter. I can change into a cute little doggy. My boyfriend the Vamp is a total hottie. Love you Drag! I'm 17 years old, and am living life with no regrets, cause I know when I die I'm just gunna be born again. Cool huh? I am just like every normal teenage girl except I have awesome scent and like every kind of food. I have a lot of energy but I'm not always hyper. Oh well!

    Nathan (Nate)
    My name is Nate, I'm 17 and am a Pure. My two brothers, Drag and Tyler, are dating my best friends girlfriends. Baja is the closest thing I got to a girlfriend, and even if she can't remember past lives very well, I do. We end up together always. I need no sleep, need to drink blood (animal blood, don't worry Humans), and have amazing strength and speed. Yes I only get fangs when I hunt. Since Baja is a Mutt, she has mostly Human blood, and its war not to bite her. She smells so good. I've come close only once. In this lifetime, I almost got her. Almost. Ty and Drag came out of nowhere and attacked me so not to kill Bee. It was to early, if I wanted her to be with me in the next lifetime, she had to die with me.

    Tyler (Ty)
    Tyler's my name, don't wear it out. I'm an awesome person, just as awesome as my number one girl, Manny. Love her lots. I'm 17, but the youngest of the Block Brothers. Only by a minute! But I'm still the coolest,Drag is the most uncontrolable, but I come second. Usually Nate is cool when it comes to behaving around Baja, but there was that one time when he almost killed her. Back to Manny. She's my little baby girl, and I love her so extreamly much. She's mine and she knows it.

    Erik (Drag)
    I swear I like Drag better than Erik. What the 'rents were thinking I have no clue, but call me Drag. If you call me Drug, you are dead, so remember that 'a'. I'm outta control, so dont get on my bad side. My angel is the Shifter, Ice. I don't really know how to explain her, she's just so amazing.

    Chapter 2~ Let's Dance

    Yeah, I'm in dance. Good at it too. Maybe I'm born with it, maybe I worked my ass off since I was 4 years old. Huh, guess the world may never know.I've been dancing at the same acadamy for so long, I get to stay after and dance however I want when all classes are over.

    I have several different pairs of point shoes. All in different colors. Neon green (the ones I am wearing today), black, pink, white, and dark purple. When Ice walked through the door I was mixing street with ballet.
    "Girl what are you doing? Come ON we have to go if you want to make it for Nate's football game. Hurry!" Ice said grabbing my bag. I was tearing off my shoes, putting on my worn black Converse. The process took about three minutes.

    "Ok ok let's go," I said chasing after my best friend. Manny was sitting in the drivers seat of the black Escalade. I jumped in the backseat, cause Ice already got shotgun.

    "I was going to leave without you two. Jees Baja how long does it take only took off the Twirl Girl shoes? You're going in a little emo skirt, grey leg things, and your leotard thing? Ugh there's ablack dress in the back. Put it on. Now," Manny demanded. I had it on in a total of 5 minutes. New record for changing in Manny's Escalade.
    We pulled into the stadiums parking lot and I dashed out.

    "The Spartans against the Gaaaaaattttoooooorrrs! Let's do this!" The announcer yelled. I sprinted up the steps, and found a seat. Next came the rain.
    An hour later and the Spartans (us) were loosing. One more score and we were set. I was soaked, and on my feet cheering for my team. For my boy. Manny and Ice were to the right of me, and I was on the end by the steps leading down to the stadium. It was dark, and the lights were on.

    "Gerolds has the ball. He throws it to Blocks! TOUCKDOWN! Spartans win!!" The announcer yelled. I sprinted to the stadium and down to where the team surrounded Nate. I waited patiently, and when I got the chance, I ran into his waiting arms.

    "You were amazing!" I said as he twirled me around. Nate's helmet had only been off for a minute but his hair was already drenched. I played with it teasingly.

    "I know I was, but technically it was cheating," He whispered. I smiled and hugged him.

    "We can't help what we are. We just learn how to deal with it," I whispered back. I breathed him in.

    "Come with me..." Nate grabbed my wrist and lead me over to where the team entered and exited the stadium. It was empty, the team was already in the locker room.
    He put his hand on my waist, me rolling my eyes and putting my hand on his shoulder. We spun around, ending our dance with him dipping me so far my hair brushed the ground.

    "Smooth Nate," I giggled. He smiled and I followed him out to Manny's car.

    "I'll swing by later," He whispered and dissapeared. I opened the door and got in, Manny and Ice both looking at me.

    "What?" I asked.

    "Nothing," Manny said pulling out of the parking lot.

    "Yeah...nothing," Ice said in a hushed tone. I sighed and looked out the window, watching the trees go by.

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