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    Sad ~loVe~

    People may say
    people might hurt
    love is the way
    love doesn't hurt
    You dont get what you dont deserve
    Boy ' step out side and it will be your last
    not knowing what happend to the past
    This is about a boy and a girl
    the love that hurts
    the passion that flurts

    From the begging to end there where around me smiling laughing nigga dont say more step the fuck off i need some more ' after all that time , it became more, they both felt the same , need i say more?. they both had feeling's for each other like a dove and a eagle but boy this isnt the end let me tell you a sad story of a boy and hes one true friend -_- ,

    ~Dedicated to one of my friends~

    (continue) : They had each other only for them , no one in there lame ass life can even comprehend the love and the passion keeping them from flashing!, the one night rose, to the supa bowl , boy it was a party laughing and it was hardy nigga what happend? SHUT THE FUCK AND HEAR THE STORY, his fame was a love game , for every one else , he had more friends than his one true love, that one night he kissed a diffrent girl , the lips locked the pin dropped the sound in the air goes "BOOM BOOM ,,, BOOM" the one true love ran home and cried deep into the pillow soaking wet and defilled, that one night that cold night she was slipped into the clouds .. with ... out... a...fright no sight of that one cold knife... -_- - pce friend i still cant belive you'r gone.....

    accual song comming out , be back to yall soon , hope my friend forgived me -_-
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