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    Are you serious?

    She says she loves me
    I say she loathes me
    I try so hard, to win her heart
    She doesn't try to do anything
    She does what she wants
    I do what she wants
    I cry to myself sometimes at night
    She tells me to stop, I'm being stupid
    She doesn't realize I love her
    I tell her I would die for her
    I would do anything she wanted me to
    She doesn't give two shits about what I want
    The feeling that I like to call love used to be mutual,
    but she is drifting away slowly, and coming back fast
    and the whole process repeats, again and again
    Is this love? I'm not sure. I would like to think so,
    Yet I have this feeling of me wasting my time.
    The night fades with a breath of sunshine.

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