firstly im a oldphag
but new fags will start a debate
ive been here from the begining
so fuck my join date
mpgh has moulded me
created my shape
then i got short changed
during the top spot exchange
with niggers and women in power
shit became deranged
but i left and came back
now its my hour
arunforce hurry up
get me some power
some argue id abuse it
rid the site of niggers, liz and bad music
but at the end of the day
id take my chance and use it.
and under my reign mpgh can carry on rising
im the next chapter in the saga, theres no disguising
i should be here advising
along with moe, tek and endrat
together we keep mpgh upsizing
but if you keep liz in charge
mpgh keep on declining
if i write a petition
you'd all be signing

im not meaning
to be causing you pain
but you guys are all niggers
im just the chains