Have you ever been so angry to the point where it really doesn't even bother you?
Your decisions become irrational and your thoughts are extreme, but is it all just a deeper insight than one can achieve in a calm state?
In the state of anger, one is disturbed by bitter realities of the world.
You don't become angry simply because something isn't fair.
You become angry because that's the harsh reality. It's the concrete facts that leave you in a mood of disbelief, not accepting the commonplaces of the world that just don't seem right.
Am I proposing that the sense of what's best is heightened when one is afflicted by an excess of reality?
I don't know.
My question is technically for myself, seeing as I can't differentiate whether my motives for writing this are formed falsely from emotions that delude basic logic, or as a new perspective on the things I see every day.
Does it take a state of anger to be enlightened?
And in the time of enlightenment on the nomal things of the world (it all depends on how you see them first, as opposed to how you see them in you're theorized heightened sense), is the time after more or less pleasant than my proposed starting state of either ignorance or rationality?
So, back to my original question, is it right to care? Or is it right to disregard?
I assume it all depends on the validity of the ideas picked up while angry, and those attained while calm.
This is where the line between firm reality and emotional exaggeration shifts and twists and alters it's position in certain areas.

But don't mind me.
I'm just thinking aloud.