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    Red Ribbons

    “Red Ribbons”

    It was a dark Sunday afternoon and the mist of the morning night was giving Julia Adams a feeling of insecurity. Standing on her small balcony she was thinking of suicide. She was sixteen years of age, a tall girl, long black hair that flowed like the great ocean sea. Her eyes were a crystal blue and she had a slight tan giving her a beautiful appearance. Julia was a particularly quiet girl and had no support from her class mates or parents. She came back inside from the balcony; picked up a long silver kitchen knife from her corner table and looked at it in dismay. She walked around her room for a while thinking and hoping for some sign of reassurance. She took a seat on her bed, held the knife to her chest and a tear fell from her eye. She wasn’t crying because she was sad, depressed, felt hate or pain but they were tears of delectation. She was finally going to take her life from this world that she suffered in. Just as she was about to thrust the knife through her heart, a feeling was trigged in her brain. She couldn’t do it, Julia threw the knife to the ground and shoved her head into her pillow and start to cry in dissatisfaction.

    She woke the next morning with a razor blade in hand and blood stains on her bed sheets. Julia wasn’t shocked at the vast encounter of blood that had been lost as this is what she has woken up to every morning. The teenager was covered in her own sanguine fluid, and grabbed a cloth to wipe off any obvious patches on her carpet. She went for a shower soon after and treated her wounds by bandaging them with three red ribbons. Julia was given these for here eleventh birthday from a good friend of hers who was murdered two years later. They had a pure red colour on them like the colour of her blood and careful black stitching around them. She wrapped two around her wrists and one around her neck covering her scares that left remarks of how she suffered in this life.

    Julia took the bus to school as her parents had no interest in her and constantly bashed her every time she was around them. The bus arrived after being ten minutes late as she approached on someone at the back shouted
    “Where’s your razor blade bitch” There was no reply from her and she simply took her seat in fear at the front of the bus.

    After a twenty minute bus drive the students arrived at school, Julia ran off and removed herself from the society on campus. Julia found her special place, took out a knife, and examined the walls that surrounded her. There were various imprints saying quotes such as “I didn’t want to admit it, it was easier to lie, and hide the hurt and emptiness, to smile instead of cry” and “Emotionally disturbed” as the trapped girl examined her work she lit a candle and started to chant a ritual, once this was over she cut her finger and wrote in blood “in vein I shall stand” on a piece of cloth, once this was concluded Julia heard screaming voices that started the school day.

    First period Julia had social studies and as usual was constantly bullied in class. Louisa Sternfield was the prime person who would antagonize Julia in any way possible. Julia took her seat at the back of the class and their teacher was running late. Louisa jumped on this opportunity and walked over to Julia with a death stare on her face. The bully placed two hands on either side of Julia’s desk. She started talking to her.
    “Hey slut, I see your scares haven’t healed you little emo”
    There was no reply from Julia; this was starting to irritate Louisa.
    “Oi im talking to you”
    Julia had no intention of replying; Louisa was becoming irritated and punched Julia across the face. Blood was split on the floors of the classroom and Julia started to weep while her red liquid dripped from her mouth. The class then turned to what was happening there were no intentions of stopping the fight. Louisa scavenged through her bag while two of her companions held Julia down.
    “Oh look emo girl brought a razor blade to school”
    Louisa slowly moved her hand towards Julia and said under her breath,” I’m going to enjoy this.”
    The blade started to make an insertion through the flesh of Julia’s forehead. Julia screamed with excruciating pain but no one had enough sympathy to stop what was happening. As blood slowly fell down her face tears were falling and everyone started to laugh. This wasn’t bullying it was a form of torture. The bullies stopped and the victim fell on the floor, crying and in her own pool of blood. The pain wasn’t over, she was then brutally bashed by being kicked to the face and in the stomach every blow that was encountered she was throwing up blood. They had enough, and the prime spat on Julia and saying.
    “You want pain there it is Bitch”

    Julia raced home crying and leaving a trail of blood every step she took, as she opened her front door she saw her dad who screamed at her with a lashing of words.
    “What are you doing here you little wager? Why are you drenched in blood?”
    There was no answer from Julia and the expression on her face was unbearable to look at. Her father slapped her across the face leaving a tooth on the floor of the dilapidated floor boards. Julia slammed the door and collapsed on the carpet of her bedroom. The knife from the day before was still on her bedside table; she looked at it in reassurance, took the handle and examined the blade. Julia had a permanent solution to a temporary problem. She ran her finger up the blunt end of the knife as she hit the tip her finger started to bleed. Julia brushed her long black hair; she started to feel faint because of blood loss. She took her red ribbons off her wrists and neck, she wrapped two around the blade and one around her hand thinking of the only friend she had. The blade was held to her throat and then lowered to her heart. Before she took herself from this life she thought about all the hatred that she had come across in her life. Julia looked up to the ceiling; while holding the knife to her heart and whispered to herself.
    The knife was forced through her flesh and into the heart; Julia was suddenly short of breath and started to gasp for oxygen. She fell to the ground and in the last seconds she was alive she managed to form a smile on her previously troubled face and grasped for the three red ribbons that had masked her scares. This was the story of Julia Elizabeth Adams.

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