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    Getting to know her

    Getting to know her

    There I saw her, crystal blue eyes glistening in the serene star lit night. Blonde straight hair folded over her left shoulder, finely spiralling down disappearing behind her back. It wasn’t her beauty that attracted me; it was the way she stood which lured me. Strong yet limber, not hunched or hands on the waist. Even from my distance I could distinguish that this woman was different to the rest. She sensed me approaching her even before she turned around. She had been aware of me standing there staring at her and felt strangely calm about being observed.

    What will she think of me? A burly man with golden brown hair flailing around my forest green eyes. With head phones strung around a tensed neck, frayed jeans with tattered DC skate shoes laced onto my feet. As I approach her she begins to turn and walk away, heading towards a litter of apartments. I keep my distance from her still observing her beauty. She opens a metal door, steps inside, checks to see if she is being watched and closes it behind her.

    I wait behind an eroding brick wall, which barely has the strength to hold itself up, let alone the powering forces of the bitter winter wind. I watch her apartment, searching for the smallest sign of movement; a window on the outer edge of the apartment is engulfed by light. I walk towards it checking that I also am not being watched, the window is on the first floor and the apartment is clad with red clayed brick. I glance through the window; it appears to be empty. I carefully break the window with my fist, leaving my knuckles cut and bruised. I enter the bathroom the shards of glass slice through my skin like barbed wire ripping through soft flesh. I stumble on the floor sending the window crashing onto my arm.

    Light is piercing through the small rounded window reflecting onto the floor revealing the horror hidden by the dark. Fresh wet blood streaked across the bathroom floor, shards of glass lay embedded in my arm. I clutch the piece as it leaves cuts across my hands; I tug as it tears through my muscle scratching along the splintered bone.

    “Hello, wh-who’s there?” A hushed voice asks from another room.
    “Don’t scream it will only make things worse,” I explain in a bone chilling voice.
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    I have no idea what this is about, but I like it.
    You may want to put a comma in the end between Scream and it will only make it worse.

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    and im aint fag,

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