To Cure the World

Ring out disease that ruins seeds
Ring out pain that makes us frown
Ring out the lies that bring us down
Ring out the selfish heart that greeds

Ring out the death, nobody cares
Ring out the pride that our eyes tire
The power wretched men desire
Ring out money, itís us it tears

Ring out hatred that brings despair
Ring out judgment that digs our well
Ring out anger, itís why men fell-
The hunger nobody can bare

Ring in the hope that will never die
Ring in the joy we all should feel
Ring in the time that keeps it real
Ring in respect that keeps us high

Ring in sense that keeps it calm
Ring in manners, a holy bath
And life fueling our whole hearted laugh
Ring in due justice, the rightful palm

Ring in color that keeps things bright
Ring in the comfort pain canít pelt
Ring in the due love to be dealt
The rest that helps us see the light