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    Post The Deceit of My Own True Friendship

    The Deceit of My Own True Friendship

    It happened one day
    After a rather quick stay

    I started out late
    On a forgettable date

    I found deep under
    My hair was in slumber

    I regretted my jokes
    With a few small cokes

    But not long after the chase
    It came like a slap in the face

    What seemed to go so swell
    Didnít end up so well

    So I started to question
    What felt like most suction

    The ones I thought were friends
    The fake bond made itís descend

    I started to see my fault
    Annoyance is not the right vault

    And then I felt greatly lost
    I would cry if there wasnít a cost

    My life is a big black hole
    Only fueled by the sinful black coal

    I wonder if itís the rightful time
    To change my world with out a crime

    The mystery is quickly unfolding
    Most arenít caring and are quickly scolding

    As my day became most silent
    I fall in despair without the violent

    Then as my despair starts to show
    My real friends no longer stay low

    I start to ponder even more
    Can I be the man in the other door?

    Then as I stare, I start to see
    There is a big difference between him and me

    Is it still possible to steal to love?
    Or is it the amazingly elusive dove?

    I see now that we are all a mystery
    Everyone just needs that one simple key

    However the real question does show
    Am I something thatís value is low?

    But then I think God plans for me
    Like part of his carefully tended sea

    Perhaps itís not for me to choose
    Which way will win and which one will lose

    As I attempt a second chance
    I am always shunned without a glance

    And when they decide to give me a try
    I always mess up, I wish I knew why

    I wonder what would have went on
    If I wasnít the same annoying con

    Now they donít give a trying thought
    When it comes to my own personal sought

    So I wish I had all the keys
    To figure out their mysteries

    As my habits start their strike
    I always try to take a hike

    But as I make my way up the hill
    The same old things come straight to kill

    As I try my best to still defend
    Theyíre not exactly my very best friend

    Throughout my life I have my ups and downs
    But I try my best to rid of frowns

    I like to make life what I think
    This is exactly why my ship will still sink

    Maybe one day, theyíll all see
    That thereís a better side of me

    Until that day, I shall sit and wait
    And prepare for the worst possible fate

    As I write, I seem to find
    Most new people donít seem to mind

    Hopefully, unlike last time
    The note I hit will be their chime

    I will try my best to learn from mistakes
    And stay away from the chocolate cakes

    While looking back at my greatest times
    I still wonder how I had hit the right chimes

    So for now we will all wonder how time goes
    And how my pitiful lessons help my lifetime shows
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    Very nice. Keep making poems, I enjoy them.

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    I enjoy it but was this a :



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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuerno View Post
    I enjoy it but was this a :


    As far as I can tell, no.

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