Well. It started to be a kinda serious problem for me when i was about 7 years old. I started to think about how fainfull it was to not have a dad.
I started to think about how he looked, about how he was and other stuff.
I allways used to get really upset when people talked shit about him if i fighted with them, well once upon a time, i acculrately took a baseball bat and hitted the dude who talked shit about him in hes leg, he cryed for a long time, and he hurted it a little bad, but nothing serious.
I was often crying and stuff, and was also beginning to get a little upset at home, starting to fight with my sister when i got angry. And sometimes, i got in deep fights with my mom. I was talking shit to her, like she wasnt even my mom.

I was also starting to think about, how it could be that i hasnt heared from him in 10 years (I was 10 years at that moment) and i was starting to thinking about if he maybe was dead.

The problems keept going on, untill one day when everything changed.

I woked up my my other dad and my mom was right with my bed and pushed me a bit little forward and backwards. I woked up ofcourse and my mom was crying and my dad had a very big smile on his face.
I was mostly like, what the fuck is going on?

Then my mom told me that my real dad maybe needed to travel to Bulgaria, so i drived about 100 miles, to go to the place where my dad lived.
I was so nerveous about how he was.
He told me and my mom (it was only me and my mom driving) that we should meet him in the mall, i dident see him he just like camed out of nowhere, and i hugged him for like 5 minutes, just standing in the center of the mall, and hugging.

We drived home to him, and he gave me an camera and an mobile (yay for me lol).
That was the most wonderfull day of my life.

Based on real events.