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    bored n rhymin

    I woke up
    Next to someones daughter who ill prolly never meet again
    You call her a groupie
    Ask me I say she a fan
    She jus stands around for a few thinkn bout what she gonna do
    while all that goes i be busy on that 747 far gone
    haters always askin if im lonely but
    I aint aslong as my money good cause she my one and only
    Critics got they face up in my face gettin nosy
    but i anit trippin cus ill get there in a minute
    so uh just gonna keep spitting till im a goner
    its what i do and how i do it what makes the haters
    still listen, hate all they want but they know they still
    bumpin my music all day but once they see my face
    they all be goin fake sayin dum shit like they gonna blast me
    but im hot from cali so
    Cant play the backfield no more
    I just dont belong oh
    i always stay on top of the game becus
    styles I got several varieties

    ^^^^^^^^^ Tell me what you think
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