Had this on my computer did it awhile back./

I draw deep rhymes in hieroglyphics
In tribal pictures of hoes survival some with trifle endings
Stuck in the beast the three sixes Bush recycle Hitler
I swam through menstrual cycle
Blowing the widow spider kisses
Decipher my lyrics you see my coming predictions
Witness my mind dimensions my rhyme adventures
"Wait" rewind this sentence check for clues some are missing
It stuns my vision but my 3rd eye is like a Cyclops
It sees deeper than the niggas on my block to Comstock
I can see further than my eyes can look past all the murderers
And all the crooks in the law books trying to beat their case shootouts
I'm a flee that states 3 to 8 it's going to go down before I see the gates
Priest the General crown with the five emeralds
Byzantineal side with the criminals, livest interviews