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    Random shit #1

    Words that faze and set ablaze,
    my rhymes daze and inter lace.
    You barely complace,
    I vacuum time and space.
    without pace you lose trace,
    cold case you lose the race.
    sick like phage, torn like a page.
    Magic mage, you're trapped in a cage.
    Burning rage, I see the end of days.
    Ace of spades, without age.
    Lift the haze, and find a place;
    To make change, lyrical range.

    I consort my rhymes and consult my mind.
    Am I the only one who can see the signs?
    I know I ain't Asheru or Cyne, but.
    I look at the time and find.

    Invariably, art is my destiny.
    Evidently, rhymes are my contingency.
    Contently, I drop lines heavily.
    Presently, my lines are like a viper, deadly.

    My words bring wind like typhoons,
    When it comes to words I'm a tycoon.
    I exhume the fumes with rhymes that loom,
    I zoom in and see imminent doom.

    Feel you heart, let that be your beat,
    feel the kick from your head to your feet.
    Feel your synapse, were pain and love meet,
    make your rhymes as heavy as concrete.

    My indomitable will is just like steel,
    my unstoppable power is like solid deal.
    My diabolical velocity turns like a wheel,
    All of this is simply because I can feel.

    Not devinence, just my own presence.
    My lines condense from my dominance.
    This is why I have reverence,
    confidence, not arrogance is my preference.

    Never roll solo,
    I don't know,
    how to show,
    love is my co; pilot,
    I'm a one person riot,
    these feelings;
    that I know I feel,
    are actually real,
    even if beats ethereal.

    My force is centripetal,
    The evidence is empirical,
    it's not a miracle,
    Intelligent yet visceral,
    I'm Alexis.... because I'm mystical.

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    thats where its from nuka you lie

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