Yo I'm e***atic leaving you breathless, asthmatic.
My lines are like a machine gun automatic,
I leave the crowd awestruck and static,
I won't come out here and call you maggot.
I won't resort to the typical insult, faggot.
Rest assured your death will be tragic,
These lines elevate like they're laced with magic.

Zephyr winds slice with a lethal blend,
these rhymes I send leave vorpal wounds you can't mend.
You can't contend, not even play pretend, these rheumatics ascend.
That of normal human boundaries, my mind is like a verbal foundry.
Call me a lyrical apothecary, these lines are legendary,
My exorbitant vocabulary is like a vast never ending library.

Like a war veteran most of you is artificial,
You've been crippled by this verbal missile,
If I'm the plant of destruction, you're just a thistle.
Shit you're barely even dismissible,
You would fall at the sound of just my whistle.
You're words will have no impact practically just fizzle.

Your mind will bleed, with this lightning speed.
You shouldn't be messing with me, you can't match my velocity.
My ferocity is comparable to the deepest animosity,
This battle will prove costly, stepping to it with me is exhausting.