You lines are too linear, my rhymes rocket past the atmosphere.
Faster than light, faster than life, faster than fear.
You're not trite I'll be sincere,
I can rhyme all night like a lyrical seer.

Glowing light absorbs, and reforms with verbal scorn
Like a phoenix I'm reborn after the lyrical storm.
Exploding out in a flash from the ashes of my past.
A light so brilliant bright that there's no shadows cast.
With a mystical might I make you hide with lyrics that mask.
When the bomb goes off everything is gone in the blast.
Compared to my raw power your lyrics are barely half assed.

The complication, of your lyrical desuasion's,
this verbal domination, is practically desecration.
If you're tethered to the earth, I've got levitation.
I'll leave you bleeding like your ears have menstruation.
"Call the HQ we need an evacuation,
The lyrical H-bomb is nearing our location,
and our minds are it's destination."
I make tidal waves occur at higher elevation.
It's impossible to reach a proper evaluation,
These words have reached an adaptation.
The same way you're about to reach a revelation.

Let's pretend for a moment I condescend,
to reach your level I must still descend.
My rhymes make time bend,
My lines leave space rend,

The bomb hits with such unbelievable power,
the land is scoured, minutes seem like hours.
Watching the rich fade with the peons,
minutes feel like eons.
as everything fades into oblivion,
as everything is blown into a million.

How will you react, when it makes contact?
When you realize nothings intact?
Unconstitutionally, that was just your reality.
just to see how you'd react when shown your own mortality.
The effects of causing massive fatality.

You can call me a little bitch.
You can tell me to suck a dick.
You can rhyme about spitting venomous shit,
Nothing you could possibly say is legit,
Nothing you could say can represent,
anything that can touch what I present.
I make you resent, you can pretend to be confident.
But realistically you're one step away from a mental trip.
I'll watch your mind glitch, as you have a full body fit.
From these slick lyrics that make you slip.
warning the contents of your brain may shift.