Yea im back
Youíre hot, but your nowhere near the best/
Not sayin that your bad, but nevertheless/
With one request I take away your breath/
And if thatís the sad shit that you spit with your last breath/
Youíre the most impressive MC? But your not better then me/
Not better then anybody, LA or NYC/
How you gonna smack me when you canít even track me?/
Iíll let you think back to the last time you got attacked so hard you couldnít see/
You egoistic motherfucker, but you ainít shit/
These people see you walkin down the street, they just think your another sucka bitch/
Vintage? Nah, Jay, and NWA is vintage/
You just ridin all over that new shit/
Your styleís still the same, even if you improved your skill/
Mentally ill bitches donít know that I will kill/
Youíre in your prime, yeah you cooked like prime rib/
Iím grillin you, you got burned wit your fake shit/