see check it
as I wreck it
kill in a second
take it to another view
to another true
a different perspective
I wuz on here before, different stage name
yet same skills, same steals, different playa in the same game
as I maintain
you get ya game slained
supposed to be true, I rep true, Iím sumone else without the same name
see I wreck as I ride, in no fame as I die
make ya bitch all wet, when it aint rainin outside
yeah Iíd say thisto others, but they cant fuck with me
see Iím like a dog barkin
make ya heart stompin
when they cut the leash
let loose the beast, devoured in splits
see I rep classic I got power in spits
see others came slow, still my fame slow
spittinsmokes n dat fire, more than a volcano