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    Politicians start wars, but its the soldiers that fight it and die.

    Assessing the damage done to this world,
    The lies to be found in every word.
    But its not the small starting lies that we dread,
    Its the ones that caused the streets to run red.

    Red with blood of those unknown,
    They who will cause these memories to grow.
    Into thoughts that we will have to banish from our heads,
    As it fills with images of the dead.

    And it is only in this hour of pain,
    that to the start of this mess we so dearly refrain.
    Deny the way we stood and watched as the lies washed down the rocks,
    And how politicians were just like a fox.

    Losing the hair but not losing the stare,
    Their eagerness for power while they retreat to their lair.
    Because they are the ones up high and safe,
    While we bleed down in the streets and rest in our grave.


    I don't want to piss people of with this poem, and want to make clear that it is not about a certain event or whatever.
    Its not like I'm a total anti war hippie or something either, it is a necessary evil and I strongly support the men who risk their lives for us every day out there, they are real heroes.

    And most politicians are not working for their own need or extreme beliefs except the ones that are already labelled as 'extreme' and try to take down a lot of people.

    Its just the whole reasoning behind using the people of a country, race or religion to do the bidding of oneself that this poem is about.
    The fact that someone can command others to do his will to try and gain power, how he can retreat and sometimes do the same thing all over again.

    The 'stood and watched' and 'small lies' part are about how the people allow it to happen, and even support it.

    Sorry if I piss someone off with this, its actually a quite fictional poem not based on anything.
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    it's pretty good, great job

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