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    Competition Prize Packs

    Well as you already know one thing we want to start doing is rewarding people more for winning competitions such as AOTW.

    Whoever is in charge of the AOTW will need to get together a prize pack for the winner, you'll need to have a preview of the pack for the entry/discussion thread as soon as you put it up, luckily Kyle has made us a template for this and i will pass it on to you guys when i see you on.

    But i thought it would be helpful if any of the team who have any old PSD's, or any resources they're willing to share, to just post here just to give whoever is managing AOTW a hand.

    (Once i get my credit card unblocked and some more work in i'll start to buy prizes etc for monthly winners)
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    When thread goes up tonight, another in general to let people know about it should be made...

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