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    Guess The Group

    Just thought it would be fun to post lyrics to songs and put the artist and song name if you know it. Obviously i didnt write this...
    If you use google i wont know but jesus will and he'll fuck you up.

    My mother said, "You sucked my pussy when you came out
    Don't ever talk back
    I handed ya life and I'll snatch it back"
    I'm just a latch key kid with a snotty nose
    High school drop out
    Space, I'm around me whiteout
    And I ain't dealin with no minimum wage
    I'd rather construct rhymes on a minimum page
    Cynical ways, cats sin for nickels these days
    Pulling the chrome out
    And you actin like pullin the chrome out
    Hated the sound of grandma's cryin the crooked letter
    You could hear it from the ground or when the sky thunders
    Made you wonder 'bout early
    Sunday morning
    Relatives dressed in black and they all mourning
    Flows be bangin in the paint, throwin elbows
    My first fight was me against five boroughs
    I lost my first wish
    But remembered every detail of my first kiss
    That's that Bronx Tale bliss
    The holiest of holies
    Hip hop, it was '88
    Even at the age of 10, phrases levitate
    Drinkin Lil' Hug quarter waters
    Dodgin stray slugs on the corner in that exact order
    While you playin, death is what happens
    I found the passion: aerosol cans and hands clappin
    Backspins, microphones and cats rappin
    Linoleum and up rockers, the show shockers
    Who rip Lee patches off of imposters
    You ain't the Real McCoy, you a wind up toy
    And it's gonna cost ya
    And that's my B-Boy Alpha

    Straight outta the depths of hell
    Reflect the sec-ond
    Inhale the buddah wisdom
    Envision and edit inscriptions of Vor-Megala spiritualism
    Paint a picture from the spiritual
    And seriously spit a lyric
    That'll rip through a phsyical ligament
    Trigger livin in these city limits
    Limited with no money, goin through crazy minutes
    Crazy thinkin of back in the days
    When blazin a lazy ridance
    Before we was swallowin duces, poppin with gooses
    And rockin the bubble gooses
    Trouble lose kid, puffin a loosie
    Hoppin off Huffy, stealin Marvel comics and water uzis
    All of us canoeing through sewers with juvenile manuevers
    Caught up in nooses from borders with troubleshooters
    On corners where coppers'll hop outta Dunkin Donuts
    Poppin they gun and shoot us
    Or more of us aware
    Thinkin Rudy Guili really don't give a FUCK ABOUT A MOULE!
    Got me woozy, sippin Kaluha's loosin my noodles
    Screwed up in the two triple losers
    Sprayin it live, b-boy grafitti alpha
    Out of rap-palooza
    Looza, looza
    "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."

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    Nice you didnt guess the song but the group was correct nice.

    Anyone know this one?

    I wait to see your skull vibrate
    when I bury the hatchet
    I hope you catch it
    I'll attach it
    to his focus when I broke his head in half
    feel the wrath on my behalf
    I drop math
    and english
    leaving you squeamish
    then I squish your wish
    you're all phucken dreamers
    no time for tiddlywinks if your tities is pinks
    then you are white and I'm not the right man (not for me)
    but you can blow pipe and my style is so tight
    I be carvin' mc's when I'm starvin'
    you little chunks of punks that I dunks in my coffee
    get off me I'm not your softie
    but you will call through your breath to him,
    def to them
    silly broads, I phuck them then I chuck them
    in the river
    without a liver,
    then I donate to science, 'cause I'm a giver
    the mysterious clearly busts brains with my brawn
    ask Sean
    Cassidy about how I trash mc's
    on the daily, Alex Haley had to write about it
    darlin but it's true
    get a clue
    I'm tellin you the truth you'll be toothless
    then the boots gets smoked like they on fire,
    I desire
    like Salt N Pepa I'll phuck a fat heifer,
    like I was Fritz the Cat
    and she admits to fat,
    so I'm movin' removin wackness from my stratosphere
    if I thought that that was near. . .

    "Still bet that you can harm me, but you don't alarm me..."
    You're just a test tub baby
    you can't fade me
    but hey, G your style is lazy
    boy you're crazy
    losin' it
    check out my fusion kit
    it's welding rhymes and propelling
    getting bigger
    getting niggas in headlocks
    instead lock your scanners on Bruce Banner
    I crush fools plus tunes used by the master
    will blast you into Tuesday
    when I bruise a mutha phucka
    whose mother sucks a cock
    and his brother phuck a jock
    and his sister
    got blisters
    on her lips which be spreading
    she be headin'
    showin' cleavage
    with my futuristic styles
    I leave kids in a trance
    your eyes spin
    back in your head
    like you was dead
    but instead
    you was buggin'
    ugly bitches get the dills at the show
    cause I don't be runnin' after hoes
    that be stank
    I thank the lord for my thought
    connected to the microphone
    so check the cyclotone
    that I be arousin', housin' blousin' you punks
    the mac daddy makes you jump
    I pump info into nymphos who be bonin'
    Vanessa Del Rio
    and yes Del see no evil
    hear no evil
    it's normal
    I come formal
    to keep em warm till the morn.
    "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."

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    damn you guys are too good im thinking you guys are using google. Well its ok i cant be sure but jesus is my homeboy and he aint gonna let that shit slide lol on to the next one.

    Television; all hail grand pixelated god of
    fantasy, murder-scape, and bent perspective.
    Fuck a sore channel changed digit,
    I sit with a nasty network intravenous plan,
    with a stable diet of my cable pirate.
    Yo, the doctor is in, the doctor is on,
    born the bastard son of static radiance cloned to welcome in every home.
    Let a blue screen, bruised dream canopy
    victim of the cursed nursed Technicolor drunk support team.
    Ooh, I love all advertisements
    though accused by robot news casters who capture and pollute
    spoon-fed hazardous fog to joy luck catholic squad.
    Please take me, please calm me, please make me a zombie
    please I want to donate my brain to the monstrous Panasonic profit
    Now, twenty-first century plagued
    dispersed to wide-eyed glamour addict patients
    telecast patrons
    Blue be the propaganda banners, well, sure I'll be a Marine
    with a clean sword and blue uniform, it only takes a dollar and a dream.
    And I abide, great idiot box power-supply, fuzz vapor,
    blackout of New York. Hey honey, get the generator,
    I'm in a doom, doom generation, pacin', ancient electric secret
    never sleepin' to miss the AM oasis
    my name is a wired heart, sloppy obligation
    turn my stilt into my guilt and have a chatter-box blame-frame adjacent station
    Make reality scrambled and suck the life out of a hidden vandal
    and loving every minute of the gimmick, change the channel.

    Plug it in, turn it on, prop me up against the couch
    lights out, I ain't ever gonna have to leave my house
    satellite dish, get up on my wish list, turn me to a tyrant
    let my clean spirit dissolve through the appliance.

    Plug it in, turn it on, be my mother when she's gone. Great,
    wipe the spittle off my chinny-chin during the breaks.
    If I gotta go blind I'mma do it for the love of all television kind
    and that's fine, and that's fine...

    Make me a star, I wanna touch gold,
    hold me suspended in a dream, meerly inches from the screen
    Deleted passions sacrificed to one electron monster
    Crucify my little future to the monitor.
    Damn it feels good: turn on, tune in
    zoom in to hug the bug up in your family function.
    "But the children seem to love it.."
    Yeah, smother me in wild discovery
    and herd the static flock to where I sleep
    by the glow of that magic box. Big speaker,
    stereo mastered, often kill the freak-seekers, eyes spiraling,
    tangled in the star-spangled wiring.
    I can turn from toxicated visuals
    and all the kings horses abort the loyalty to royalty,
    fuck the fortress.
    Riddle me with glee, hoist the end-all telepromt above my sleeping head
    I'll be dead by morning anyway.
    Color my values with mundane humor in thirty minute tickets
    to feel the magnetic seal. Picket censorship,
    I want commercials twenty four-seven,
    I wanna shop from my bed and set an
    example for all my overworked, underpaid brethren.
    I bond with a sick string of correspondent
    and lurking circuitry circus
    with allegiance pledged beyond the glass surface.
    Adamant students within the fine school of possessed graduate catalysts,
    channel zero addicts, immaculate.
    It goes: big screen, little screen, any screen'll do
    just let me hold the controller and I won't have to murder you.

    Plug it in, turn it on, let my little eyes glaze,
    twenty screens lined up along the borders of the maze.
    I wanna see the five-day forecast fourteen days in advance
    so I can get my two weeks notice every time the sun dance.

    Plug it in, turn it on, silent fix better than nothing,
    let a once divine soul feel the functions of the hypnotist,
    the viciousness, ridiculous, piquing a dummy's interest.
    Touch the power button meet your maker, ain't that something?

    Plug it in, turn it on, say goodbye to Sunday afternoon,
    fix the antenna, sit back and let disaster bloom
    It's a beautiful sight, with a most ugly intention
    but I taste it everyday and bathe inside the consequences.

    Plug it in, turn it on, never once have you talked back to me
    your majesty, I love you, I despise you.
    My everyday is sitcom, soaps, news, bad dramatization
    come along with me, my friend for the most glorious sensation..

    "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."

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