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    my love song

    i figured i'd post it on here
    im not big into love
    but this ryhme has been worked on for years

    it kinda a funny it all leads back to that bench
    where everything was worked on like a wrench
    i was puttin together schemes and ideas
    never in my dreams did i try to see a-
    future without you but here i sit
    alone n lonely a piece of shit
    i love the one i cannot have
    yet i still love her i cannot brag
    i can't tell a lie or even a false truth
    i try to hide n keep it all sleuth
    undercover like im swat
    but under the covers is all i got
    im not intelligent i cant keep a conversation
    i ain't sellin shit all i know is hate n hatin
    everything that i am leads up to one point
    i see a better man he gots that one point
    maybe he gots money i ain't got shit
    he provides the bread i provide the dick
    you be givin me head tellin him your sick

    twisted; its all fucked up
    i keep askin myself, is this real love
    but i get my answer, in the herb
    spreadin loves cancer; how do you love a byrd

    you say lovin me is better than lovin you
    i get ya happy when we under the blue
    blanket that i got to asorb the sweat
    i ain't gonna regret the sadomasochism yet
    you got me covered in scars and new scab
    i remember when we was in ya moms car
    and you grabbed
    a big handful of that juggalo dick
    you kept sayin you wanted a juggalo thick
    enough to clear outta cave
    got real rough when i took ya to that rave
    these memories they keep spinnin in my head
    i keep seein these pray to god wishin that im dead
    anyone can tells us that none of this happened
    but i love you ayla no matter who's laughin

    twisted its all fucked up
    i keep askin myself is this real love
    but i get my answer in the herb
    spreadin loves cancer how do you love a byrd

    (recording that i have of a conversation)

    now that i look back in the past
    i look at that shit n i gotta laugh
    its funny girl i was really estactic
    you coulda asked for anything
    and then ya woulda had it
    i was quite glad when you stopped taggin
    sprayin the streets wit yo pants saggin
    ghetto boy loves ghetto girl
    now im in the suburbs a whole different world
    i remember when we had to fight for respect
    people kickin n dissin sayin get off our set
    fuckers, ain't noone love us clowns
    but then again yall ain't never gonna bring me down
    i'm on the top of the planet
    its so damn good i can't fuckin stand it
    i ain't never been ever this happy
    i ain't even tryin to sound this sappy
    i really love this one
    until i get caught up leavin behind a son

    (conversatin ending in i love you)

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