Secrets To Unfold

A bystander, a friend, a secret lover

He hated the fact he had to cover

But then converted he started new

He found the truth was hard to chew

Facing it, a message sent

To get the girl to repent

Unaccounted, unknown to her

Things quickly became a blur

She was a sinner to that he knew

But he didn't know what she would do

And then one day suddenly new

Came the truth he would chew

Unintended, her words cut him deep

The truth he did not want to keep

But hanging on he tries to think

To find his hope and spirit sink

He does not know what to do

Or the truth that he should chew

Continuing on he asks for help

He hopes to no longer need to yelp

Maybe one day, hopefully soon

It will no longer be a toon

To convert he will try again

With his love back at a ten