No battles or games, I pull lyrics out my ass like David Blane, in the real world im considered clinically insane, my brains fucked up from all the abuse and pain, My homey saids hes like a great dane but im king of the jungle i got a lions mane, I eat mc's for food and get my protein from grain, Im hungry for money and fake mc's are on my food chain, Im for smoking weed like John McCain but the only difference is I inhale and have no chest pain, Ill burn your skin leaving 3rd degree burns like acid rain, cut your body up and throw you in a storm drain, im a bad rolemodel for your kids I stain, there little brains and build small armies like spain, at 17 i rap and remain, a sick mc that uses my words in vein, keep rapping and maybe ill support your campaign.

Fresh off the plane, sharper than gilette, the girls want me i get there pantys wet, officer trying to take me in but i brush off like no sweat, lvt roll deep we're a threat, take no bets, your money broke you have bad debt, I been rappin since 95' on cassettes, rhymes hurt like a knife im using my saw set, im so sick i make your stomach upset, your a pussy like a cat you need to go to the vet, im so sober i want a marijuana cigarette, the rhymes not over i make two words rhyme in a line like an offset, hunter and me go together like a duet, we big balla's now we movin' onto diskettes, too big to loose too hard to forget, Patches..Will..PJ..Hunter..a fucking quartet, the rhymes over but i still got lines in my head yet.

This rhymes first verse is by my friend, all the up till leaping to fly,then i rhyme:
I spit cause you and your boys to trip like you's are on shrooms. I shoot your wack lyrics out quicka than water flumes. Who would have known that bitch would call the troops. She made a mistake trynna question my roots. The stakes are high. Confused like you missed the mistake go by. How I serve it is healthy for ya like wheat and rye. We go from being able to walk to then leaping to fly.
think you slick nigga im just not that guy,
you say your on that ride or die shit then say goodbye, bullets hit the bone and you quiver on the inside, me and my crew are thicker then bonny and clyde,
overtake you like an oversized tide,
dont fall back just swallow up your pride,
the games gettin taken over theres no where to hide,
Give it over to lyrical he's always on my side,
two clips with 30 bullets make you cry.