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    Boogey Got Gass

    I am the president and the assassin when it comes to killing iTzBoogey don't be acting, you silly niggas get home and start relaxin i come out the closet and put a knife to your throat with a little love and passion. Evil smerk across my face you niggas think i be playin. Then i pull out the glock then you niggas start prayin... im juss sayin thats i be killing niggas like im apart of the clan. Blowin that kush got me doin hella shit, while you niggas at work your girl is at my house on my dick, fucked her so hard i almost popped her clit. But its coo tho cause i got this weed they like to call poison have you seein apparitions but you wanna keep blow, yall niggas can't fuck with my shit because its so potent, Im so fuckin fresh im fresher frabreeze your girl deepthroat better when she on her fuckin knees.

    Thanks for reading bck to homework.
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