What is love, but deceit and deception
Thats right, no exception
Planting these lies in my head, inception
I’m lost, thinkin I know the conception

Verse 1

Alright, so what have you done?
Was I the first, the only one?
Or was that just another lie
They seem more frequent, should this condone my high?
Cause we’ve grown so far apart
But I cannot accept the day we part
What happened to the memories we shared
They way your acting, got me a little scared
Acting as if you never cared
Can only admit that I wasn’t prepared
For this, I thought we had something special the day we kissed
So please comeback to me
I’ll show you all we could be
Your the key to my prison, set me free
In a world so cold
I just need you to hold


Alone you’ve left me
Heartbroken, I’m angry
But this anger turns to melancholy
I will never love again
Not after this unbearable pain

Verse 2

Alone I walk this road
My feelings locked away, kept safe by code
With no book to decode
The days have lost their color, nothing but grey
My life has turned to dismay
All I have is my shadow
And it seems he has deserted me
Lost without a key
My life has turned into a federal penitentiary
And I am a high security detainee
So much for love
A pain I shall never speak of


Alone I remain
Scarred so deep, dealing with so much pain
And I’ll never be the same
I’m nothing but a cold frame