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    Quote Originally Posted by ShAg123 View Post

    LMFAO you need to practice bra 6liner lol

    ill give your a 6 liner to thats all your gonna receive
    i give no attention to a nigga begging out of misery
    cause kid your strickly below my level
    partners in crime with tha mothafucking devil
    give it kid your runs ova
    time to kill this shit liek a supernova

    With billa ima hit the bong
    till im so far gone
    i don't even notice how your flow is all wrong
    cause your styles all gone
    used up and drained!
    your bitch came to me saying she's done with the game
    cause your little white dick just cant handle the strain!
    but im feelin her pain
    My lines are in vain!
    You are already hung out like saddam . hussein
    your rhyming is simple
    forever municipal
    stay below deck
    like your blowin the principal
    On 16 wheels my flow rests on invincible
    you put in 2 cents?
    well i took out a dime
    oh and when i said principle
    i really meant mine

    Quote Originally Posted by Balls Out View Post
    Doesn't really make sense.
    True that, but come on balls lets me n u keep goin.

    oh and whatsup with the outsourcement
    ill travel the world
    and still kick your ass on endorsement
    couldn't stop me even with reinforcement

    sayin im unfit
    but you da bitch
    who raps full time
    yet you started your damn rhyme
    with the same line as mine
    like come on bama there should be a crime
    prohibiton niggas like this from wastin my time
    with threats of nine millimeters
    but are so damn broke they cant even afford to pack a car heater
    or A/C
    call me crazy
    he cant even afford to pay tolls
    " cause im a rebel"
    oh, i see
    and those aren't just some store bought, stick on, bullet holes
    and it isn't the time to take your shit off cruise control
    then fix ya brakes
    you are now officially the nigga
    that every one loves to hate
    oh and over here in timbuktu
    they gotta message for you


    Cpt. America

    captain america

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    In the process of creating a song, taking time off from battles. Will try to work on one here and there.
    Knowledge is not power, rather applied knowledge is power.

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