Ok so kinda pensive about posting here because MPGH hates a lot but here i go:

The quiet air sits in my lung
a thick and lifeless tongue
she passed by without a glance
his hopes are far flung

The thoughts run through my mind like a frantic dance
praying for a single chance
unaware to the world around
her smile like a summers breeze in the south of france

I'll wait till bravery is found
im not sure when it'll come around
but once discovered i am bound
to make the first sound.

I lay awake pondering
my thoughts smothering
dancing with fiendish delight
upon my soul, crying

another sleepless night
another day wrought with fright
of what will become
after this sleepless night

these thoughts, upon my eyelids, drum
annoying as a small child popping their gum
suddenly thrust into the world so real
as they reverberate like an off tune strum

Oh how i long to feel
a security so real
of the world before
my mind begging my body to deal

at my feet i hear my husky snore
as i long for this no more
and for the sandmans sand to pour
as i drift off to sleep nevermore...

thanks for taking the time to read; please dont flame too much =/