(aww you b#!#h)

I been kickn it, relaxion with a mouse up in my hand because you know that im a hit.
this noobs are acting like roaches,
my hacking friends we posted, got this people to wonder.
(Whose that dirty mutherf$#@er).
He's in the way, name is Dreezy,
THo is cover up, didnt f#$k you up cause i want you to live,
chilln at the crib.
Im so knocked up, laughn at this fools who think we so hack.
but yet we pros, b!#chslap this h@s.
cry like a #$@ch if ya wanna,
we show you newbies no merce,
curse the,
rush me if ya wanna.
One of a kind codes got use this.
Thats a chick.
Ow my goodness, let me stop.
ip banned, got me on a scanner,
wth with the lawsuit in my criminal record.
Accept the Condition, b!@#h kiss my @$$.
with a slash,
f##k the past,
future awaits, see the stakes,
how long does it take.
Mode with a aimbot, cant dddddddd-studder with a massive attack,
crack this, f##k that,
eating on some chips, no dip,
adventage goes to me, ###ch walking with a limp
...cry now.

Look at me know.
Look at me know.
We be Noob'n.

Aimbot hits.
Blood striaght dripp'n.
Teleport hits.
Neva caught slipp'n.

Noob chasing frenzy, location do the death.
Young grim reaper, touch to the death.
Flows kickn like a Dojo, h@ no mo, no homo, you newbs.
Caught with a slug, shotgun gun, buck shots,
no drought, head shot more cleaner then my mouth.
b!@ch wash it out with my foot like a crook turn into a malester,
they calling rape,
I call you slow, with a nose that can smell a newb far from away.
Music/Instrumental: Look At Me Now- Chris Brown
Just something I wanted to make up out the blue.
And yes some of this lyrics are rapped fast so dont get
confused as much.