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    "My Life"

    As I stare up into the blackness from this mattress/

    I try and grasp the past that caused my happiness//

    Ive got little to say cause it got me speechless/

    Seems as every inch is a mile I'm walkin to weakness//

    I take a peek over my shoulder back to days long ago/

    I wanna be yesterday but life forever got me tomorrow//

    I borrow a few smiles as I pass a happy couple/

    Double over in agony when I see a peer in trouble//

    Cause I felt it all, every spectrum any sector of life/

    Has once upon a time errected it's method upon me twice//

    Have I lived this life? Fully, but mostly only in fear/

    Fake understanding of tears, quickly pacing through my years//

    Not a trace of patience here, got a wasted case of sheer/

    Talent and a taste of dear satan whisperin my ears//

    Blatant pain is soul deep, I gotta say my only sleep/

    Comes in winks of dead sheep that aint been counted in weeks//

    Please, I'm soul soakin, drippin wet with the sweat of fate/

    Destiny been playin spades, got me agin year by day//

    Swayin in the breeze with loose roots I'm fit to up and fly/

    Through the winds of time in pieces shattered into shards of light//

    Cause if I can't find the right path to follow on my own/

    I'm gon shine for ages upon our seeds and take em home//
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