here's the deal: we're all up at the school and the teacher (no she's not sexy D says we gotta make a musicvideo ^^, thinkin this interesting proposition could take me somewhere, i decided to pimp my laptop with some tools to make the video, however....i have no clue how to write a song, how to make it rhyme in the right palces and how to make it badass.

so the big deal is there are two options: I team up with anyone who's interested to work with me OR yall write a song right in here and the best one gets to be featured within the video (you will obviously have to film yourself and send me your part for editing, get a greenscreen if you can cuz i make magic).

by the way: the song has to be in FRENCH, its ok, if you dont know french i'll translate it myself, but i cant guarantee it'll be that good once translated.

song genre choice: hip hop, rock, punk rock, any other type of rock, rap, or anything else that can be well sung and not too weird,

so that's it peoplez :P contact me on facebook if you need,
(Ilya Belyaev) or on msn:, or you can send me s private message :P