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    Exclamation Teaching DJ Lessons... Somewhat

    Yes I am still only an inturn for a non popular DJ as of now, but I am almost done with college and know everything about what almost anyone should have for when they become a DJ.

    This is basically a computer program with a controller that lets you do basic things with your music. I am being personaly trained by a DJ by the name of Ike. He requires me to have my own gear, but I couldnt efford the NS7FX yet so he told me to go pick this up until I could. I still do not have my NS7FX so if anyone was hoping to learn from me about that, you're out of luck.

    If anyone is interested in the product I can give you an Audio-Class where I will teach you some basics. I think this will be great for all the teenagers on MPGH who wish to pursue a career in music.

    Let's talk about the program. You obviously need to buy it first.
    -It is around $100 in any music store.
    -I got it for $60 at Bed Bath and Beyond if anyone is looking for a steal.

    The controller is made by Ion and the whole package is basically called Discover DJ. The software, however is Cross MixVibes. It's a very professional program that has been tweaked to fit this controller, exactly.

    Scratchworxx has done a review on this product:
    SKRATCHWORX - ION Discover DJ Review by Gizmo - December 2009

    Here is a preview of the Ion Discover DJ and the basic setup you wanna have with it

    -The turntable controller
    -A laptop or a PC
    -A Notebook
    -A mouse

    Dont ask about some of these things in the setup until you have taken the class.

    If you're looking to buy it cheap - The cheapest I could find now is $69 at - Ion Audio - Discover DJ

    If you wish to take one of these classes add me on MSN. If you don't have it please download it. They have a feature called audio chat. Which is perfect for this class. This class does require you to have a microphone. If you have a webcam that works perfectly.

    I will not teach you unless I see a picture of your setup which should include the items in the list above. If you do not have the controller I will not teach you. If you plan on buying it, good for you I don't care unless you actually do have it. I will only teach a person privately so we must schedule a class. And there are chances I will have to cancel, however that is unlikely in most cases.

    NOTE: During the audio chat you may hear me talking to my roomate and telling him what to do when playing Black Ops Nazi Zombies/

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    wow this is shaking my brain
    It is the best game